"I don't think it's too likely, because I'm not a very good basketball player." - Mark Pope on his chances of making the team


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"Free agents" is an overused and oft-misguided title used by NBA fans to describe anyone not currently playing in the NBA or NCAA. The implication from the usage of the word "free" is that these players are unsigned, unattatched, free to roam the land, grazing on pasture afresh, starting a new life, full of hope and prosperity, freed from the shackles of oppression cast down by modern society. But this normally isn't the case. Most of the NBA calibre players outside of the NBA are signed somewhere, be it in the beautiful continent of the Europe, the less beautiful continents of Asia and Australasia, or in one of the American minor leagues. Players rarely sit around and wait for NBA teams to call - they all have six wives and forty two children to feed, and they need their basketball incomes.

This website attempts to chronicle the whereabouts of not only NBA players, but also all the fringe NBA players who may make it in the league one day. Most of these players are signed, predominantly in Europe and the D-League, while some remain genuinely unsigned. The lists below detail these players and their current employment, as well as somewhat more conventional lists of NBA free agents.

Also note: just because a player isn't in the NBA, it doesn't mean that they can drop everything and run to the big dance should a team come a-calling. Their current teams wouldn't be too happy about that. The D-League, however, is the obvious exception to this.

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D-League Rosters

Note: NBA teams can sign players out of the D-League as and when they so choose, regardless of whether that player is currently allocated to a D-League team or not. This is the point of the D-League, after all.

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