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Jordan Hill - PF/C, 6'10, 235
Free agent - Last played with Minnesota (2017)
       Date of birth: 07/27/1987
       Country: USA
     Drafted (NBA): 8th pick, 2009
     Out of: Arizona
  NBA Experience: 8 years
  Hand: Right

2009 NBA Draft NBA Drafted 8th overall by New York.
10th July, 2009 NBA Signed four year, $11,641,087 rookie scale contract with New York. Included team options for 2011/12 and 2012/13.
18th February, 2010 NBA As a part of a three team deal, traded by New York to Houston, along with Jared Jeffries, a 2012 first round pick (#16, Royce White) and the right to swap 2011 first round picks (not exercised), and along with Larry Hughes to Sacramento, in exchange for Tracy McGrady from Houston and Sergio Rodriguez from Sacramento.
28th October, 2010 NBA Houston exercised 2011/12 team option.
31st October, 2011 NBA Houston declined 2012/13 team option.
15th March, 2012 NBA Traded by Houston to L.A. Lakers in exchange for Derek Fisher and a 2014 first round pick (#21, Mitch McGary).
25th July, 2012 NBA Re-signed by L.A. Lakers to a two year, $7 million contract.
23rd July, 2014 NBA Re-signed by L.A. Lakers to a two year, $18 million contract. Included team option for 2015/16.
29th June, 2015 NBA L.A. Lakers declined 2015/16 team option.
14th July, 2015 NBA Signed a one year, $4 million contract with Indiana.
19th July, 2016 NBA Signed a partially guaranteed two year, $8.18 million contract with Minnesota.
26th June, 2017 NBA Waived by Minnesota.
When: Where:
2006 - 2009 Arizona (NCAA)
June 2009 - February 2010 New York Knicks (NBA)
February 2010 - March 2012 Houston Rockets (NBA)
March 2012 - June 2015 L.A. Lakers (NBA)
July 2015 - June 2016 Indiana Pacers (NBA)
July 2016 - June 2017 Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA)
From blog:

   2010 Summer League Rosters: Houston Rockets

Jordan Hill

Hill was just one many rewards the Rockets enjoyed from dealing Tracy McGrady's expiring contract. He's not as good as Carl Landry and probably never will be, but he had a decent rookie year nonetheless. This doesn't mean, though, that he's a viable backup centre option. Even though he's going to play centre for this summer league, I strongly don't recommend he plays there in the NBA. Not at 235lbs.

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   2017 NBA Manifesto

Jordan Hill
PF/C, 6’10, 235lbs, 29 years old, 8 years of experience

It was a very random move to give a shade over $4 million to Hill, only to proceed to bench him all year. Receiving only 47 minutes, Hill cannot be said to have done anything well or anything badly; he didn’t do any-thing at all. The Hill of years prior is worthy of that money, a good rebounder and decent finisher at the rim who takes a lot of jump shots from the short and mid-range areas, despite not really making that many of them. The defence lapses and he is not a rim protector, yet Hill could once again be a good spot-minute back-up. Could probably have been this year, too.

Player Plan: Has an unguaranteed $4.18 million contract that needn’t be kept on the books.

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