"There's something odd about going up to Michael Jordan and slipping him $16 a day." - Terry Francona, Jordan's manager during his minor league baseball career

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Andris Biedrins - C, 7'0, 250
Retired - Retired after 2015 season
       Date of birth: 04/02/1986
       Country: Latvia
     Drafted (NBA): 11th pick, 2004
     Out of: Skonto Riga (Latvia)
  NBA Experience: 10 years
  Hand: Left

2004 NBA Draft NBA Drafted 11th overall by Golden State.
8th July, 2004 NBA Signed four year, $8,208,776 rookie scale contract with Golden State. Included team option for 2007/08.
3rd October, 2006 NBA Golden State exercised 2007/08 team option.
28th July, 2008 NBA Re-signed by Golden State to a six year, $54 million contract. Included early termination option after 2012/13 season.
30th June, 2013 NBA Declined to exercise early termination option.
10th July, 2013 NBA As a part of a three team deal, traded by Golden State to Utah, along with Brandon Rush, Richard Jefferson, a 2014 first round pick (#21, Rodney Hood), a 2017 first round pick (#30, Josh Hart), a 2016 second round pick (#60, Tyrone Wallace), a 2017 second round pick (#60, Alpha Kaba), a 2018 second round pick and cash, in exchange for Kevin Murphy from Utah and a signed-and-traded Andre Iguodala from Denver.
5th April, 2014 NBA Waived by Utah.
When: Where:
2001 - June 2004 Skonto Riga (Latvia)
June 2004 - July 2013 Golden State Warriors (NBA)
July 2013 - April 2014 Utah Jazz (NBA)
From blog:

   Lessons learned: How Utah's past informed its present

History has done what it loves to do best and repeated itself.

Utah headed into this summer with almost two maximum salaries worth of cap flexibility, and yet they made no effort to sign players with it. Almost as quickly as free agency began, Utah committed to burning their cap space on the Warriors’s castoffs, Andris Biedrins and Richard Jefferson, a combined $20 million cap hit with some first rounders to offset the cost. Burning $20 million of cap space on Biedrins, Jefferson and Brandon Rush is about as identical to burning $20 million of cap space on Gugliotta, Rice and Clark as you can get.

The difference is, or should be, the end result. The 2003 edition of this strategy culminated in the 2004 draft selections of Kris Humphries, Kirk Snyder and Pavel Podkolzin. Snyder went to a psychiatric hospital, Humphries lasted two seasons before being traded for Rafael Araujo, while Pavel lasted about seven minutes before being traded for a pick that later became Linas Kleiza. Stocking up all the assets meant nothing when said assets were wasted – with Kirilenko (and, to an extent, Boozer and Okur) taking up all the cap flexibility without living up to the money, and the supposed young core not working out, the 2004-05 season that followed was much worse than the one which was designed to be bad. A wasted season had to follow before Deron Williams arrived and the rebuild finally began.

This time, it’s different. It is the same situation, but it’s not. This time, Utah have gotten the young quality BEFORE hoarding the cap space.

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