"The AI offense...get the ball to AI and clear out." - Kevin Ollie, on the offense they ran when he was playing in Philly.

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Gordon Hayward - SF, 6'8, 220
Utah Jazz - Drafted 9th overall in 2010
       Date of birth: 03/23/1990
       Country: USA
     Drafted (NBA): 9th pick, 2010
     Out of: Butler
  NBA Experience: 6 years
  Hand: Right

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   Creative Financing in the NBA, 2010

Of the aforementioned 29 players signed so far, all but Wesley Johnson, DeMarcus Cousins, Greg Monroe, Gordon Hayward, Avery Bradley, Craig Brackins, Quincy Pondexter and Lazar Hayward have performance incentives in their contracts. This means that the top three picks all have them, as do most of the ones below them. So when I say it is standard practice to have performance incentives in rookie scale contracts, I am not just yanking your crank. It really is.

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   2010 Summer League Rosters: Utah Jazz

Gordon Hayward

All I'm saying is that you should not be surprised if Hayward demonstrates a jumpshot in this tournament that is smoother than a baby's arse. His 29% three point percentage from last season was an aberration. In the U-19 championships last summer, Hayward's jumpshot was Garrity calibre. That was no aberration either; his jumpshot has been good in every year except last year. And when you consider the versatility of the rest of his game, plus his sufficient athleticism, then you'll realise why Pat Garrity does not suffice as a comparison, and why Utah had to pick him at 9 before Oklahoma City could. It's still a reach, but it'll be deemed less so when the overdue jumpshot turns up.

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   Sham's 2010 NBA Draft Night Recap, Part 1

Pick 9: The first significant reach of the draft is made, as Utah drafts Gordon Hayward of Butler with the 9th pick. Gordon gets up, puts on a Jazz cap (all caps tonight have unbroken beaks for no reason at all), and kisses an extremely hot blonde who looks about 7 years his senior. And by that, I mean she looks about 20.

This presents an opportunity for the night's first lookalike; Gordon Hayward in 30 years (when he'll be 38 years old), and the guy who fell asleep at the wheel causing the Selby rail crash disaster, Gary Hart:

Hayward at 9 is a reach, but it's not a baseless one. Adam Morrison is a comparison often batted around for Hayward, yet it's a grossly unfair and highly inaccurate one. Hayward is a good athlete, not one of the calibre of Aminu, but a good one nonetheless. He can handle the ball and create off the dribble, finish around the basket and from midrange, knows how to use screens (as does every Butler player), and has never received a technical foul for cowardice in the face of the enemy, unlike Morrison. Hayward is physical if not strong, athletic if not explosive, and experienced if still pre-pubescent. He is also a considerably better shooter than his 29% from three point range last season indicates, and I implore you to trust me on that.

He's not strong, and he's only an average athlete. But on the team that rocked Matt Harpring for so long, this should be fine. If Harpring could help Gordon bulk up, even better.

Hayward was an avid tennis player in his youth, actually giving up basketball for a time to pursue the game, and his twin sister is also a keen tennis player. In the pre-game show, Stu Scott stated "If he kept up his tennis career, imagine where [Hayward] would be right now." I'll hazard a guess: its's late June, so how about Wimbledon?

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   A Guide To NBA Player's Music

The single worst example of a role player rapping inevitably belongs to a white guy. Here is a young Gordon Hayward making a cardinal error.

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Utah Jazz

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