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Tony Gaffney - PF, 6'8, 205
Signed in Japan - Signed with Chiba Jets
       Date of birth: 11/14/1984
       Country: USA
     Drafted (NBA): Undrafted, 2009
     Out of: Massachusetts
  NBA Experience: 1 years
  Hand: Right

11th August, 2009 Israel Signed a one year contract with Galil Gilboa. Contract contained NBA out clause.
28th September, 2009 NBA Signed an unguaranteed one year minimum salary contract with L.A. Lakers.
24th October, 2009 NBA Waived by L.A. Lakers. Returned to Galil Gilboa.
3rd December, 2009 Israel Released by Galil Gilboa.
13th April, 2010 NBA Signed a partially guaranteed contract for the remainder of the season and through 2011 with Boston.
2nd October, 2010 NBA Waived by Boston.
5th October, 2010 Turkey Signed a one year contract with Turk Telekom.
4th January, 2011 Turkey Left Turk Telekom.
5th January, 2011 D-League Acquired by Utah Flash.
13th July, 2011 Germany Signed a one year contract with Telekom Baskets Bonn.
31st July, 2012 Spain Signed a one year contract with Joventut Badalona.
14th March, 2013 Spain Left Joventut Badalona.
25th August, 2013 Germany Signed a one year contract with Telekom Baskets Bonn. Included NBA training camp out clause.
29th September, 2013 NBA Signed an unguaranteed one year minimum salary contract with Memphis.
26th October, 2013 NBA Waived by Memphis. Returned to Telekom Baskets Bonn.
8th September, 2014 Israel Signed a two year contract with Hapoel Jerusalem. Included team option for 2015/10.
15th July, 2015 Israel Hapoel Jerusalem exercised 2015/16 team option.
12th September, 2016 Germany Signed a one year contract with Alba Berlin.
26th July, 2017 Japan Signed a one year contract with Chiba Jets.
When: Where:
2004 - 2006 Boston University (NCAA)
2006 - 2009 Massachusetts (NCAA)
July 2009 L.A. Lakers (Summer League)
August 2009 - September 2009 L.A. Lakers (NBA)
September 2009 - October 2009 L.A. Lakers (NBA)
October 2009 - December 2009 Galil Gilboa (Israel)
April 2010 - October 2010 Boston Celtics (NBA)
October 2010 - January 2011 Turk Telekom (Turkey)
January 2011 - June 2011 Utah Flash (D-League)
July 2011 - June 2012 Telekom Baskets Bonn (Germany)
July 2012 Utah Jazz (Summer League)
July 2012 - March 2013 Joventut Badalona (Spain)
July 2013 Utah Jazz (Summer League)
August 2013 - September 2013 Telekom Baskets Bonn (Germany)
September 2013 - October 2013 Memphis Grizzlies (NBA)
October 2013 - June 2014 Telekom Baskets Bonn (Germany)
September 2014 - June 2016 Hapoel Jerusalem (Israel)
September 2016 - June 2017 Alba Berlin (Germany)
July 2017 - present Chiba Jets (Japan)
From blog:

   Anybody Wanna See Second Prize? Second Prize Is A Set Of Steak Knives.....

[I]n any other circumstance, Tony Gaffney would have won a roster spot last season, for he did enough to win everybody over. But because the Lakers had decided they wouldn't carry a 14th player, he didn't. Gaffney had done everything right to win that spot; the only thing he couldn't do was engineer a salary dump trade of Luke Walton. Because that didn't happen, Gaffney didn't stick.

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   Top 101 NBA Ten-Day Contract Candidates (When 20 Would Probably Have Been Enough)

Tony Gaffney - Gaffney was an early cut by the Celtics in preseason, and moved to Turkey to play for Turk Telekom. He did not stay long, however; after only two months, averaging 6.0 points and 2.4 rebounds in 8 Turkish league games, he has left the team and gone to the D-League. At the time of writing, Gaffney has yet to join any specific D-League team.

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   2010 Summer League Rosters: Boston Celtics

Tony Gaffney

Gaffney is the ultimate late bloomer, exploding onto the scene out of nowhere in his senior season at Massachusetts, and losing out on a roster spot with the Lakers only because of budget constraints. He signed with the Celtics for the last two days of the season, and although he didn't get to play at all, he did get a few grand for his troubles and a brilliant front row seat during the Celtic's championship run. Gaffney could become what the Celtics were hoping Bill Walker would, although he's not the shooter Walker is. If he can just roam around winning possessions for the team, just like he did at Mass, then he'll be fine.

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   Where Are They Now, 2010; Part 23

- Tony Gaffney

Even before he signed with the L.A. Lakers for training camp, Massachusetts graduate Gaffney had signed with Galil Gilboa in Israel. The team let him come back to America for camp, and he rejoined them after the Lakers waived him. However, Gaffney played in only one game for the team before breaking his foot. He was released from his contract and is now back in America rehabbing.

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   2013 Summer League rosters, Orlando Summer Pro League - Utah

Tony Gaffney

Gaffney hasn't played in the NBA for three years, but continues to get these looks. He spent last year with Joventut Badalona in Spain, averaging 11.5 points, 5.9 rebounds, 1.6 steals and 1.3 blocks per game. Gaffney could play in the NBA in a role similar to Evans (though certainly not identical, given that very few do what Evans does), but it'd help his cause considerably to put away the jumpshot, or at least be more selective with it. In trying to prove he could hit the outside shot last season, Gaffney only proved that he couldn't, hitting 25% of his threes on more than three attempts per game.

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Signed in Japan


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