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Bo McCalebb - PG, 6'0, 180
Free agent - Last played with Gran Canaria (Spain, 2017)
       Date of birth: 05/04/1985
       Country: USA/Macedonia
     Drafted (NBA): Undrafted, 2008
     Out of: New Orleans
  NBA Experience: 0 years
  Hand: Right

27th July, 2008 Turkey Signed a one year contract with Mersin.
16th October, 2009 Serbia Signed for the remainder of the season with Partizan Belgrade.
25th July, 2010 Italy Signed a three year contract with Montepaschi Siena.
29th July, 2012 Italy Left Montepaschi Siena.
2nd August, 2012 Turkey Signed a three year contract with Fenerbahce. Included player option for 2014/15.
30th June, 2014 Turkey Declined 2014/15 player option.
19th November, 2014 Germany Signed a one month contract with Bayern Munich.
26th December, 2014 Germany Signed a five week extension with Bayern Munich.
15th October, 2015 NBA Signed an unguaranteed one year minimum salary contract with New Orleans.
24th October, 2015 NBA Waived by New Orleans.
3rd January, 2016 France Signed for the remainder of the season with Limoges.
24th August, 2016 Spain Signed a one year contract with Gran Canaria.
When: Where:
2004 - 2008 New Orleans (NCAA)
July 2008 Sacramento Kings (Summer League)
July 2008 - June 2009 Mersin (Turkey)
October 2009 - June 2010 Partizan Belgrade (Serbia)
July 2010 - July 2012 Montepaschi Siena (Italy)
August 2012 - June 2014 Fenerbahce (Turkey)
November 2014 - January 2015 Bayern Munich (Germany)
October 2015 New Orleans Pelicans (NBA)
January 2016 - June 2016 Limoges (France)
August 2016 - June 2017 Gran Canaria (Spain)
From blog:

   An Unnecessarily Exhaustive Guide To The Euroleague Final Eight

No team has sorely missed the presence of a single player than Montepaschi Siena has missed Bo McCalebb. Indeed, the only one who might be able to claim they miss one player that much are Partizan Belgrade, who were never able to replace McCalebb when he left them for Siena in the summer. Before injuring his toe in January, McCalebb was the unquestioned best player on the Siena team, and an uncheckable matchup for every other European side. His blistering speed, penetration ability, transition game and defensive impact were irreplaceable, and while Siena were certainly still good without him, they weren't the potent force they were with him.

However, McCalebb is now healthy enough to play again. And that's a worry for the other seven teams. The only question is how close to 100% he now is, and whether Siena will make it far enough to give him time to get back there.

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