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Yao Ming - C, 7'6, 310
Retired - Retired after 2011 season
       Date of birth: 09/12/1980
       Country: China
     Drafted (NBA): 1st pick, 2002
     Out of: Shanghai Sharks (China)
  NBA Experience: 9 years
  Hand: Right

15th August, 2000 ABA Drafted 12th overall in the 2000 ABA Draft by Tampa Bay ThunderDawgs.
2002 NBA Draft NBA Drafted 1st overall by Houston.
15th October, 2002 China Left Shanghai Sharks.
18th October, 2002 NBA Signed four year, $18,037,586 rookie scale contract with Houston. Included team option for 2005/06.
16th September, 2004 NBA Houston exercised 2005/06 team option.
31st August, 2005 NBA Signed a five year, $75,352,750 extension with Houston. Included early termination option after 2009/10 season.
29th June, 2010 NBA Declined to exercise early termination option.
When: Where:
1997 - June 2002 Shanghai (China)
June 2002 - June 2011 Houston Rockets (NBA)
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   2010 Free Agency, Preliminary Round

The following players opted in:

- Houston = Yao Ming and Jared Jeffries

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   Current Trade Kickers

There follows a list of all current NBA contracts that feature trade kickers, in contracts valid as of the time of writing, along with the value of them. Note that trade kickers have no expiry date other than the expiration of the contract itself, and that having a percentage listed means that's the percentage of their remaining salary that they will additionally get with the bonus.

- Carmelo Anthony (lesser of 5% or $1 million)
- Ron Artest (15%)
- Andrea Bargnani (5%)
- Charlie Bell (15%)
- Shannon Brown (15%)
- Kobe Bryant (10%)
- Jose Calderon (10%)
- Eddy Curry (greater of 15% or $5 million)
- Sam Dalembert (15%)
- Tim Duncan (15%)
- Jeff Foster (lesser of 15% or $1 million)
- Pau Gasol (15%)
- Manu Ginobili (5%)
- LeBron James (15%)
- James Jones (15%)
- Chris Kaman (lesser of 15% or $4 million)
- Shawn Marion (15%)
- Roger Mason Jr (lesser of 15% or $375,000, but is expiring anyway)
- Antonio McDyess (10%)
- Yao Ming (15%)
- Chris Paul (15%)
- Morris Peterson (7.5%)
- Paul Pierce (8%)
- James Posey (10%)
- Joel Przybilla (15%)
- Brandon Roy (lesser of 15% or $4 million)
- Josh Smith (15%)
- Peja Stojakovic (10%)
- Amare Stoudemire (15%)
- Hedo Turkoglu (15%)
- Anderson Varejao (5%)
- Dwayne Wade (15%)
- Rasheed Wallace (15%)
- Luke Walton (7.5%)

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   Chinese Basketball Association Statistics, 2010

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   2011 NBA Draft Diary

[...] Ric Bucher, barely heard from tonight, chimes in to report that Yao Ming will not play for any team other than Houston Rockets, and that he may also never play again. Jeff Van Gundy tries to brighten the mood by reflecting upon how good Yao was and how nice of a person he is, but it's futile. The NBA has lost one of its most unique and entertaining players. It's going to be a hell of a long time before we see another even slightly like Yao.

I've really enjoy Yao Ming, and it's a shame we could never enjoy him more.

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   Bookkeeping The Retired Guys, 2013 Edition

Yao Ming - Yao has returned to Jiao Tong university in Shanghai to study economics, and is active in animal welfare. He is also absolutely terrible at golf.

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   All-Star memories: Michael Jordan’s last hurrah

[...] The All-Star game itself was not half bad, either. The first and thus far only All-Star game to go to double overtime, it saw 300 total points scored, an in-his-prime Allen Iverson doing what an in-his-prime Allen Iverson did at All-Star games, and an in-his-prime Kevin Garnett dominate proceedings on his way to the MVP trophy. Shaq faced off with Brad Miller for the first significant time since Shaq tried to kill him, an amusing in-game report spoke of Antoine Walker and Paul Pierce’s outrages at playing so few minutes, Yao Ming looked woefully out of place on his way to two points and two rebounds, and the close finish saw the game’s very best turn up the intensity and play at something resembling their very hardest. It was good fun to watch, right down to the Zydrunas Ilgauskas experience. Even the 52 turnovers were aesthetically pleasing.

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