"20 years from now, you're gonna see me, right, in a drop top Hummer. Butt naked, with some ankle socks on. And a headband. And some Chuck Taylor's. Butt naked." - Delonte West

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Metta World Peace - SF, 6'6, 260
Retired - Last played with L.A. Lakers (2017)
       Date of birth: 11/13/1979
       Country: USA
     Drafted (NBA): 16th pick, 1999
     Out of: St. John's
  NBA Experience: 17 years
  Hand: Right

1999 NBA Draft NBA Drafted 16th overall by Chicago.
15th July, 1999 NBA Signed four year, $5,387,140 rookie scale contract with Chicago. Included team option for 2002/03.
12th October, 2001 NBA Chicago exercised 2002/03 team option.
19th February, 2002 NBA Traded by Chicago, along with Brad Miller, Ron Mercer and Kevin Ollie, to Indiana in exchange for Jalen Rose, Travis Best, Norm Richardson and a 2002 second round pick (#43, Lonny Baxter).
31st October, 2002 NBA Signed a six year, $40.8 million extension with Indiana. Included early termination option after 2007/08 season.
25th January, 2006 NBA Traded by Indiana to Sacramento in exchange for Peja Stojakovic.
30th June, 2008 NBA Declined to exercise early termination option.
14th August, 2008 NBA Traded by Sacramento, along with Patrick Ewing Jr and Sean Singletary, to Houston in exchange for Bobby Jackson, Donte Greene, a 2009 first round pick (#23, Omri Casspi) and cash.
8th July, 2009 NBA Signed a five year, $33,953,200 contract with L.A. Lakers. Included early termination oprion after 2012/13 season.
26th June, 2013 NBA Declined to exercise early termination option.
11th July, 2013 NBA Waived by L.A. Lakers using the amnesty clause.
16th July, 2013 NBA Signed a two year, $3,521,550 contract with New York.
24th February, 2014 NBA Waived by New York.
30th July, 2014 China Signed a one year contract with Sichuan.
24th March, 2015 Italy Signed for the remainder of the season with Cantu.
24th September, 2015 NBA Signed an unguaranteed one year minimum saalary contract with L.A. Lakers.
23rd September, 2016 NBA Re-signed by L.A. Lakers to a unguaranteed one year minimum saalary contract.
When: Where:
1997 - 1999 St John's (NCAA)
June 1999 - February 2002 Chicago Bulls (NBA)
February 2002 - January 2006 Indiana Pacers (NBA)
January 2006 - August 2008 Sacramento Kings (NBA)
August 2008 - June 2009 Houston Rockets (NBA)
July 2009 - July 2013 L.A. Lakers (NBA)
July 2013 - February 2014 New York Knicks (NBA)
July 2014 - March 2015 Sichuan (China)
March 2015 - June 2015 Cantu (France)
September 2015 - June 2017 L.A. Lakers (NBA)
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   2017 NBA Manifesto

Metta World Peace
SF, 6’6, 260lbs, 37 years old, 17 years of experience

Can no longer play to the NBA level. Always had a quirky offensive game that relied upon having the ball and some physical tools, which he no longer has, and the defence has gone. That’s probably it.

Player Plan: Expiring minimum salary contract and there is no reason to give him another one.

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   I'm still not bored of watching these

Congratulations to the 2009/10 NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers. Both teams played hard, the ball didn't lie, other clichés happened, and the better team just about won. Game 7 was a marvellous exercise in magnetically terrible basketball - the standard was low, but only because the pressure was high, and the effort redoubtable. It wasn't pretty, but it was sure as hell tense.

Congratulations in particular go to Ron Artest, who was the best player in the game. Kobe Bryant may have won the Finals MVP award - which was more than a little awkward in light of his game 7 performance - and Pau Gasol's second half may have turned the game around, but Artest carried more of the team. He kept them in it in the first half, and helped them seal it in the second. And his dagger three pointer, which would have been an absolutely awful shot had it missed, did not miss. Crazy Pills did almost everything right.

More importantly, congratulations to him for his two post game interviews. The first coming seconds after the final buzzer with fashionista Doris Burke (who incidentally is totally working the glasses)......

......and then his post game press conference, when he has had time to calm down, gather his thoughts, round up his family, find some Wheaties, and get a little drunk.

The eccentricity, awkwardness and unmistakable comedy of a man thanking a hood and a psychiatrist in the moments immediately following the finest moment of his professional life cannot be understressed. The fact that this is followed up by a pantheon comedy moment - in which Artest encourages his dad to flex, introduces every family member he has ever had, speaks of David Stern on first name terms, mocks Kobe's refusal to pass to him, invites everyone in the room to the club, openly cheers at the sight of breakfast cereal, apologises to the Indiana Pacers so profusely that he forgot what prompted him to do so, offers to beatbox, and shouts out his doctor for the second time - is simply impossible to believe. Or it would be, had it not happened. There is nobody else quite like Ron Artest, and at times like this, that is a good thing.

Stay happy, Ron Artest. You're a sheer joy when you are.

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