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Andrew Albicy - PG, 5'11, 160
Signed in Spain - Signed with Andorra
       Date of birth: 03/21/1990
       Country: France
     Drafted (NBA): Undrafted, 2012
     Out of: Paris-Levallois (France)
  NBA Experience: 0 years
  Hand: Right

27th June, 2011 France Signed a two year contract with Gravelines-Dunkirque. Included player option for 2012/13.
30th June, 2012 France Declined 2012/13 player option.
13th August, 2012 France Signed a two year contract with Paris-Levallois.
31st July, 2014 France Signed a two year contract with Gravelines-Dunkirque.
3rd June, 2016 Spain Signed a two year contract with Andorra. Included team option for 2017/18.
28th June, 2017 Spain Andorra exercised 2017/18 team option.
24th August, 2017 Spain Signed a one year extension with Andorra.
When: Where:
205 - June 2011 Paris-Levallois (France)
June 2011 - June 2012 Gravelines-Dunkirque (France)
August 2012 - June 2014 Paris-Levallois (France)
July 2014 - June 2016 Gravelines-Dunkirque (France)
June 2016 - present Andorra (Spain)
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Signed in Spain


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