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Jerai Grant - PF, 6'8, 220
Signed in Italy - Signed with Ravenna
       Date of birth: 01/10/1989
       Country: USA
     Drafted (NBA): Undrafted, 2011
     Out of: Clemson
  NBA Experience: 0 years
  Hand: Right

9th August, 2011 Australia Signed a one year contract with Sydney Kings.
23rd July, 2012 Italy Signed a one year contract with Enel Brindisi.
29th July, 2013 Israel Signed a one year contract with Hapoel Holon.
29th November, 2013 Israel Released by Hapoel Holon.
13th December, 2013 Latvia Signed for the remainder of the season with Ventspils.
28th July, 2014 Latvia Re-signed by Ventspils to a one year contract.
25th July, 2015 Lithuania Signed a one year contract with Neptunas.
10th July, 2016 Lithuania Signed another one year contract with Neptunas.
17th August, 2017 Italy Signed a one year contract with Ravenna.
When: Where:
2007 - 2011 Clemson (NCAA)
August 2011 - June 2012 Sydney Kings (Australia)
July 2012 Houston Rockets (Summer League)
July 2012 - June 2013 Enel Brindisi (Italy)
July 2013 - November 2013 Hapoel Holon (Israel)
December 2013 - June 2015 Ventspils (Latvia)
July 2015 - June 2017 Neptunas (Lithuania)
August 2017 - present Ravenna (Italy, Serie A2)
From blog:

   An Unnecessarily Exhaustive Guide To The 2010/11 NCAA Tournament, Part 2: Eastern Region

Clemson's resume is pretty sparse, and their presence in the tournament is pretty generous. In their first season post-Oliver Purnell, they have suffered the usual struggles associated with with a regime change; new defensive schemes (i.e. no more press), players leaving, and few immediate incomers. Trevor Booker went to the NBA, Noel Johnson transferred to Auburn for no obvious reason, and only one freshman gets any minutes - lightning quick 5'10 backup point guard Cory Stanton, who was billed as a shooter but who hasn't brought his jumpshot yet. So save for the losses of Booker, Johnson and David Potter, Clemson returned much the same team as last season, as is so often the case with a coaching change.

Booker was mainly replaced by giving an expanded role to Jerai Grant. When Booker was in town, Grant played a limited, useful and thoroughly enjoyable role - blocking the shot and yelling at one end, running to the other end, then dunking at the ball and doing some more yelling. Now without Booker, Grant has been called upon to expand that skillset, and he has shown he is capable of doing so. Grant has shown he can create a little in the post and make shots other than dunks, even sticking a couple of mid-range jumpshots and driving the ball from 15 feet away. And he never lost the skills that made him so entertaining in the first place.

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Signed in Italy


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