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Alec Burks - PG/SG/SF, 6'6, 214
Utah Jazz - Drafted 12th overall in 2011
       Date of birth: 07/20/1991
       Country: USA
     Drafted (NBA): 12th pick, 2011
     Out of: Colorado
  NBA Experience: 6 years
  Hand: Right

2011 NBA Draft NBA Drafted 12th overall by Utah.
9th December, 2011 NBA Signed four year, $9,367,716 rookie scale contract with Utah. Included team options for 2013/14 and 2014/15.
26th October, 2012 NBA Utah exercised 2013/14 team option.
29th October, 2013 NBA Utah exercised 2014/15 team option
31st October, 2014 NBA Signed a four year, $41 million extension with Utah.
9th January, 2017 D-League Assigned by Utah to Salt Lake City Stars of the D-League.
10th January, 2017 D-League Recalled by Utah from Salt Lake City Stars of the D-League.
11th January, 2017 D-League Assigned by Utah to Salt Lake City Stars of the D-League.
12th January, 2017 D-League Recalled by Utah from Salt Lake City Stars of the D-League.
When: Where:
2009 - 2011 Colorado (NCAA)
June 2011 - present Utah Jazz (NBA)
From blog:

   2011 NBA Draft Diary

Pick 12: Minutes after the first shooting guard goes, Stern emerges from his portal to the underworld to announce the second has gone straight after him. Utah drafts Alec Burks of Colorado, who instantly becomes their best shooting guard. During his interview with Mark Jones, Burks licks his lips a lot.

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   Sham's unnecessarily great big draft board: Shooting Guards

Alec Burks - Burks has played his way up the draft board throughout the course of the season, to the point where he is now near the very top. He may be the best in yet another weakened shooting guard draft class - where did all the good shooting guards go? - and is a wanted prospect because of his combination of aggression and skill.

Burks is a big if somewhat thin guard, a slender 6'6 with a 6'10 wing span, who, save for a lack of a three point stroke, boasts a pretty strong all-around game. He's a 20ppg scorer and interested rebounder, an aggressive and tireless slasher who runs the court well, and barrels his way to the basket in the halfcourt to take the contact and finish, moreso than anyone else listed below. He also hits floaters and some mid-range twos, although given the inefficiency of these shots, this is not necessarily to his credit. At this point in his curve, Burks is not a particularly good defender, but he has the size and the effort to become one. And importantly, as of the time of the draft, he will still only be 19. Long way to go.

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   2013 Summer League rosters, Orlando Summer Pro League - Utah

Alec Burks

Burks stagnated a bit as a sophomore, although the signs of improved range are positive. The arrival of Burke should facilitate his offense from now on and improve his efficiency, and the apparent commitment to the youth movement means he shouldn't lack for opportunity from here on out. You can't commit to a youth movement if you're DNP-CDing your lottery picks.

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   2017 NBA Manifesto

Alec Burks
PG/SG/SF, 6’6, 214lbs, 25 years old, 6 years of experience

Burks had a third consecutive season riddled with injury, having played only 100 regular season games over the last three. This alone makes him unreliable, and his place in the rotation has been filled, meaning that during the times he is available, Burks has to fit in around an established rotation. His flexibility is beneficial here – Burks’s quality handle in a body type able to play both shooting guard and small forward makes him quite pliable in that regard. But the injuries seem to have taken away the finishing ability at the rim, and the defence, and (this year at least) the spot-up shooting. The prime, healthy Burks was a utility guy who could get his own off the dribble, handle if you needed, spot-up adequately, defend multiple positions, and bail out bad possessions with some great drives and finishes. He needs to get back to that.

Player Plan: Two years and circa. $22.4 million remaining, without options. For a healthy and productive Alec Burks, that’s a good price, but we need to see a healthy and productive Alec Burks again first. The rotation at the positions he plays has gotten very full, and while his contract outlasts Johnson’s, he is not going to redeem his value if he cannot stay healthy and/or get regular minutes. A movable contract that might need moving, barring a big comeback.

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   NBA Fantasy Preview - 4th December 2017

Super utility guy and Man With A Very Hard Career To Define Alec Burks is currently indispensable to his Jazz team. Backing up Donovan Mitchell, Burks is doing a fine job of actually being another Mitchell, being a hugely important half-court scorer via an array of pull-ups and timely dives, and recording a fantasy point average of 31.8 over the past five games. Nothing is ever consistent with Burks, but never before in recent memory has he had a hot streak this hot, nor has he looked this healthy and confident in a while. He represents tremendous value right now.

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   NBA Fantasy Preview - 1st December 2017

Burks was going to make this list even before last night’s performance. An important piece of the rotation again as the always-injured Jazz struggle again with myriad injuries – and with Burks, finally, not being one of them – he had posted three consecutive 20+ fantasy nights, and five in his last seven, becoming the sixth man in the absence of Rodney Hood. But last night, he took that to extremes with a career best performance – 28 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals, 1 block, 53.9 fantasy points. A huge return for a tiny price, and while it was obviously anonymous, Burks is performing above his tiny salary slot regularly and should be strongly considered.

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   NBA Fantasy Preview - 17th November 2017

In the absence of Dante Exum and Joe Johnson, Burks, a utility player, has still only been in and out of the rotation. But now with Rudy Gobert also out, Utah are playing more small ball (see below), which has in turn opened up more minutes on the wing. Now essentially the full time backup point guard, interspersed with some shooting guard minutes when Raul Neto gets off the bench, Burks has averaged 8.8 points and 3.3 rebounds over the past four games, with some defensive statistics thrown in too. He is missing an awful lot of layups in the process and putting way too much flair on every shot and pass, but there are some results anyway for a negligible price.

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   NBA Fantasy Preview - 5th December 2017

This has been by far and away the best stretch of Alec Burks's career. In the last week alone, he has scored 14, 28, 24 and 27 points, adding 19 rebounds, 9 assists and 7 steals along the way. The man who started the season on the very edges of the rotation is now an absolutely vital sixth man, amongst the league's very best. And yet the slow start has algorithmically kept the fantasy price low. It won't be this low for much longer, so get in there now - Burks is almost a must-pick at this point.

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   NBA Fantasy Preview - 7th December 2017

Burks’s excellent stretch of play cooled off slightly with a 2-9 shooting, 19.9 fantasy point outing. Nevertheless, for that to represent a relatively poor outing speaks to both how good he has been lately and how good of fantasy value he remains. Even a 19.9 fantasy point average would be good at only $8.7 million, and for that to be the low end of Burks’s range currently means he must very much be considered still.

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Utah Jazz

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