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Pau Gasol - PF/C, 7'0, 250
San Antonio Spurs - Signed as a free agent in July 2016
       Date of birth: 07/06/1980
       Country: Spain
     Drafted (NBA): 3rd pick, 2001
     Out of: Barcelona (Spain)
  NBA Experience: 16 years
  Hand: Right

7th July, 1999 Spain Signed a four year contract with Barcelona.
2001 NBA Draft NBA Drafted 3rd overall by Atlanta.
19th July, 2001 NBA Draft rights traded by Atlanta, along with Brevin Knight and Lorenzen Wright , to Memphis in exchange for Shareef Abdur-Rahim and the draft rights to Jamaal Tinsley (#27, 2001).
5th September, 2001 Spain Left Barcelona.
6th September, 2001 NBA Signed four year, $11,505,144 rookie scale contract with Memphis. Included team option for 2004/05.
5th October, 2003 NBA Memphis exercised 2004/05 team option.
30th September, 2004 NBA Signed a six year, $80,473,000 extension with Memphis.
1st February, 2008 NBA Traded by Memphis, along with a 2010 second round pick (#43, Devin Ebanks) to L.A. Lakers in exchange for Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittenton, a signed-and-traded Aaron McKie, the draft rights to Marc Gasol (#48, 2007), a 2010 first round pick (#28, Greivis Vasquez), a protected future first round pick (#28, 2008, Donte Greene) and cash.
23rd December, 2009 NBA Signed a three year, $57 million extension with L.A. Lakers.
18th July, 2014 NBA Signed a three year, $22,346,280 contract with Chicago. Included player option for 2016/17.
27th June, 2016 NBA Declined 2016/17 player option.
14th July, 2016 NBA Signed a two year, $31,697,500 contract with San Antonio. Included player option for 2017/18.
20th June, 2017 NBA Declined 2017/18 player option.
24th July, 2017 NBA Re-signed by San Antonio to a partially guaranteed three year, $48.8 million contract.
When: Where:
1996 - September 2001 Barcelona (Spain)
September 2001 - February 2008 Memphis Grizzlies (NBA)
February 2008 - June 2014 L.A. Lakers (NBA)
July 2014 - June 2016 Chicago Bulls (NBA)
July 2016 - present San Antonio Spurs (NBA)
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   A History Of Failed Physicals

(Bonus trivia; the Grizzlies GM at the time of that Pau trade was the much maligned Billy Knight, whose next job was going to Atlanta to clear up the mess his fine trade had put them in. Tough break.)

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   Shaq was so big, the rest of the league had to go small

[...] Take Karl-Anthony Towns and Joel Embiid, the league’s two best young bigs, both taking more than three three-pointers per game. Take wily old man Pau Gasol, shooting 54.7% from three point range and becoming what Mike D’Antoni had always encouraged him to be. Or take Pau’s brother Marc, with 97 made three pointers of his own coming on a 38.0% shooting efficiency. This is the new way, and while saying this in this space is not news, those above numbers are worthy of reflection.

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   Sham's 2010 NBA Draft Night Recap, Part 1

Pick 28: Memphis has the Lakers' pick here, as a part of the Pau Gasol trade. You know of the Pau Gasol draft, right? It was the trade that looked far worse than it was when it first happened, then began to show its true value once Marc Gasol came over and starred, but then looked really bad again when Pau made noticable improvement after the age of 28.

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   I'm still not bored of watching these

Congratulations to the 2009/10 NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers. Both teams played hard, the ball didn't lie, other clichés happened, and the better team just about won. Game 7 was a marvellous exercise in magnetically terrible basketball - the standard was low, but only because the pressure was high, and the effort redoubtable. It wasn't pretty, but it was sure as hell tense.

Congratulations in particular go to Ron Artest, who was the best player in the game. Kobe Bryant may have won the Finals MVP award - which was more than a little awkward in light of his game 7 performance - and Pau Gasol's second half may have turned the game around, but Artest carried more of the team. He kept them in it in the first half, and helped them seal it in the second. And his dagger three pointer, which would have been an absolutely awful shot had it missed, did not miss. Crazy Pills did almost everything right.

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   Where Are They Now, 2010; Part 24

(By the way, the Memphis GM at the time of the trade that brought in Pau Gasol was Billy Knight, whose next job was in Atlanta where he was charged with the task of cleaning up the mess that Gasol trade had made. That must have been weird.)

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   2017 NBA Manifesto

Pau Gasol
PF/C, 7’0, 250lbs, 36 years old, 16 years of experience

Mike D’Antoni was onto something when he asked Pau to shoot threes. Pau shot a massive 53.8% from outside, from both the corners and straight on. Putting him on the bench in a sixth-man role, thereby allowing Dedmon to defend the starting bigs more often, improved his game, as did the three-point stroke, which meant covering less ground and better scoring efficiency (his .578% true shooting being his highest since 2010/11). Gasol still rebounded at a strong 17.4% rate, including 7.6% on the offensive end, despite the increased perimeter time, which speaks to his enduring skill. And although his lack of foot speed will be a hole that opposing offences will try to explore in every game of his career hereafter, his talent level (and, it seems, longevity) make him worth it.

Player Plan: Has declined a big player option to enter free agency. Found his stride in the second half of the regular season, but as a declining asset due to age from here on out, he ought to either be brought back on a one year deal with residual cap space after avenues are explored, or allowed to go.

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San Antonio Spurs

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