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Gorgui Dieng - PF/C, 6'11, 241
Minnesota Timberwolves - Drafted 21st overall in 2013
       Date of birth: 01/18/1990
       Country: Senegal
     Drafted (NBA): 21st pick, 2013
     Out of: Louisville
  NBA Experience: 4 years
  Hand: Right

2013 NBA Draft NBA Drafted 21st overall by Utah.
2013 NBA Draft NBA Draft rights traded by Utah, along with the draft rights to Shabazz Muhammad (#14), to Minnesota in exchange for the draft rights to Trey Burke (#9).
13th July, 2013 NBA Signed four year, $6,589,343 rookie scale contract with Minnesota. Included team options for 2015/16 and 2016/17.
19th October, 2014 NBA Minnesota exercised 2015/16 team option.
21st October, 2015 NBA Minnesota exercised 2016/17 team option.
31st October, 2016 NBA Signed a four year, $62.8 million extension with Minnesota.
When: Where:
2010 - 2013 Louisville (NCAA)
June 2013 - present Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA)
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   An Unnecessarily Exhaustive Guide To The 2010/11 NCAA Tournament, Part 1: Southwestern Region

At centre, Terrence Jennings has elements of Jerome Moiso about him. He is an important, productive, athletic and versatile centre.....sometimes. And then sometimes, he's a no-show. Jennings can outrun any centre when he chooses to, can finish around the basket, block shots, rebound, and pass better than his numbers suggests. But these things are mainly predicated on athleticism and effort, which he doesn't always give. In stark contrast to this, his backup, freshman, Gorgui Dieng, never lacks for effort. Dieng plays much like Jennings - the athleticism, the rebounding, the shot blocking, the ability to change a game primarily due to little more than physical profile. He doesn't have the abilities of Jennings to finish in any way other than a dunk, occasionally spot-up for a jumpshot or pass, but then nor does he have the same lack of motor. Dieng is as exciting of a prospect as Jennings once was, maybe more so. Time will tell if he projects the same way.

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   2017 NBA Manifesto

Gorgui Dieng
PF/C, 6’11, 241lbs, 27 years old, 4 years of experience

A down year in which his true shooting efficiency was way down, and in which his rebounding rate declined for the fourth straight year (once excellent, now slightly below average). Dieng was durable, consistent, gave good effort, and tried to expand his offensive range to fit into the team’s need, playing a power forward position with more of a centre’s game, going away from what he does best in order to try and be what his team needs. He also stepped up his charge taking and was a bit more judicious in his blocked shot attempts. But while it is not his fault, Dieng is a weak link in the chain at power forward. He could be an excellent back-up centre for this team, a starter on other ones, and a very favourable projection to all the 6’10 PF/C types drafted this past draft. A starting power forward, though, he ought not to be.

Player Plan: Begins his four year,$63 million extension this summer. Dieng is trade-able at that price, and given his unideal fit in amongst the starting unit, it is probably worth continuing to start him to keep the value up until such time as a deal can be found for players more fitting.

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Minnesota Timberwolves

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