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Alex Len - C, 7'1, 260
Phoenix Suns - Drafted 5th overall in 2013
       Date of birth: 06/16/1993
       Country: Ukraine
     Drafted (NBA): 5th pick, 2013
     Out of: Maryland
  NBA Experience: 4 years
  Hand: Right

2013 NBA Draft NBA Drafted 5th overall by Phoenix.
29th August, 2013 NBA Signed four year, $15,773,381 rookie scale contract with Phoenix. Included team options for 2015/16 and 2016/17.
27th October, 2014 NBA Phoenix exercised 2015/16 team option.
26th October, 2015 NBA Phoenix exercised 2016/17 team option.
23rd September, 2017 NBA Re-signed by Phoenix to a one year, $4,187,599 contract.
When: Where:
2010 - 2011 Dnipro (Ukraine)
2011 - 2013 Maryland (NCAA)
June 2013 - present Phoenix Suns (NBA)
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   2017 NBA Manifesto

Alex Len
C, 7’1, 260lbs, 24 years old, 4 years of experience

Improvements across the board. Marginal improvements, sometimes very marginal improvements, but improvements nonetheless. Rebounding rate went up, block percentage went up, turnovers came down, true shooting percentage a career high. Still cannot consistently make a mid-range jump shot, and still tries, but maybe that part will come. His ability to make shots around the basket that aren’t dunks did improve, showing more poise and strength than before. And his size was no less imposing around the rim even if he is not the greatest rim protector with it. Len is a fairly traditional centre, and a fairly solid one, if a fairly unremarkable one. He would be a good back-up, although it is impossible to deny that Williams has outplayed him.

Player Plan: Entering restricted free agency. He is an NBA calibre centre, but probably only ever as a backup or peaking as a Mason Plumlee type. Try to re-sign him, but if a big amount comes in, he might have to be let go.

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   NBA Fantasy Preview - 17th November 2017

Buoyed by Tyson Chandler’s absence due to injury – Chandler will also be missing tonight’s game as well – Len got the start last night and returned 9 points and 13 rebounds in half the game. Making his debut for the Suns, Monroe played the other half, and recorded 20 points, 11 rebounds, 2 steals, a block and an assist. Although both obviously represented above-average nights, neither is especially anomalous, as both are regularly statistically productive players. Both, then, are worthy of consideration tonight. It is very unclear how things will shake out once Chandler returns, but let’s kick the can down the road on that one.

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   NBA Fantasy Preview - 10th November 2017

New acquisition Greg Monroe is not expected to ever play for the Suns, and even if that changes, a calf injury will prevent his debut any time soon. Usual starter Tyson Chandler is also questionable to play, while Alan Williams has been out all season to date. This might then give free run to Len, a good rebounder and decent-enough finisher who performs when given minutes, as it now appears he might be.

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   NBA Fantasy Preview - 8th November 2017

This might be the only time we pick Len on the value picks list. He has been backing up Tyson Chandler all season and will continue to do so, but with reports that the Suns will trade Bledsoe to the Milwaukee Bucks for centre Greg Monroe, this might change. Adding the talented Monroe will, when he is healthy and if he is retained, change up the Suns' big man rotation in as yet unclear ways. Nevertheless, until that happens, consider Len as a pick - he needs setting up offensively and is not going to put up big scoring numbers (8.9 ppg), but he is rebounding about as well (8.7 rpg), playing for a contract, and outplaying Chandler.

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