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Rob Loe - PF/C, 6'11, 245
Signed in Australia/New Zealand - Signed with New Zealand Breakers
       Date of birth: 08/05/1991
       Country: New Zealand
     Drafted (NBA): Undrafted, 2014
     Out of: Saint Louis
  NBA Experience: 0 years
  Hand: Right

9th September, 2014 Greece Signed a one year contract with KAO Dramas.
27th July, 2015 Belgium Signed a one year contract with Limburg United.
17th June, 2016 Australia Signed a one year contract with New Zealand Breakers.
28th March, 2017 Australia Signed a one year extension with New Zealand Breakers.
When: Where:
2010 - 2014 Saint Louis (NCAA)
July 2014 Golden State Warriors (Summer League)
September 2014 - June 2015 KAO Dramas (Greece)
July 2015 - June 2016 Limburg United (Belgium)
June 2016 - present New Zealand Breakers (Australia)
From blog:

   Wildly Unnecessarily Lengthy 2014 NBA Draft Board, Part 1: NCAA Centres

Rob Loe = Dirk. Sort of.

Rob Loe, Saint Louis, Senior, 6'11 245lbs

2013/14 stats: 27.7 mpg, 10.3 ppg, 5.7 rpg, 1.2 bpg, 2.0 apg, 0.9 spg, 2.9 fpg, 1.5 TOpg, 45.3% FG, 75.3% FT, 30.6% 3PT

Best known as a stretch big, Loe is not just a stretch big. He doesn't just cast up jumpshots out there - indeed, he has never shot better than 35% from three in any of his four seasons. Instead, Loe has learned to use the jumpshot range as a compliment to an overall game he has developed as an upper classman.

In addition to his three point jumpshot, Loe also sports a mid-range J, a turnaround jumpshot from the post, and a good quality high post passer adept at feeding the interior. Standing 6'11, Loe can almost always get the jumpshot off, despite having a slightly low release and not actually living up to the "jump" part of the shot much. He can spot up, even doing so on a fast break, and is always a pick and pop option. Loe can also fake the shot and drive into the paint to decent effect, something he should perhaps do more of. For his size, he is a decent enough athlete to get to the rim on these drives.

None of this is especially efficient, however. A decent but not great shooter, Loe shoots a poor percentage for someone of his size, posts up little (and does so normally to shoot the J) and rarely gets to the line (although he does so a lot more than he used to). Solid option though he is, Loe is merely a complimentary offensive option without the assertiveness or shot creating ability to be much more than this, and has struggled in his otherwise solid Billekins career with his consistency at times. Regardless of that, however, Loe betters any offense he is in with his passing, high IQ play, fluid athleticism, decent outside touch and mismatch potential.

On the defensive end, Loe is a poor defensive rebounder in part due to his below-the-rim nature, and is outmuscled on boxouts despite being normally the biggest player on the court. The measurements belie a lack of core strength that would serve to improve his effectiveness here. Nevertheless, Loe is effective defensively in other ways - an obviously decent shotblocker, Loe also deflects quite a few passes, rotates well, knows when to defend straight up without fouling, and is willing to step in and take a charge. He rather went away from this last part as a senior for whatever reason, and can still be outmuscled and fought through too easily, yet Loe can be a reasonably disruptive presence on this end anyway.

It seems highly logical that Loe, a New Zealander, could take his game back to Australia and/or New Zealand (the New Zealand league, while low quality, mostly takes place during the main Australian NBL's offseason, and some players play in both; there is also a New Zealand based team, the Breakers, within said NBL). Nevertheless, should he head for Europe, he will do OK for himself.

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Signed in Australia


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