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Raphiael Putney - SF/PF, 6'9, 180
Signed in France - Signed with Chalon-sur-Saone
       Date of birth: 04/21/1990
       Country: USA
     Drafted (NBA): Undrafted, 2014
     Out of: Massachusetts
  NBA Experience: 0 years
  Hand: Right

25th October, 2014 D-League Designated as a local tryout player by Rio Grande Valley Vipers.
14th April, 2015 Saudi Arabia Signed for the remainder of the season with Al Ittihad.
13th June, 2015 Australia Signed for the remainder of the season with Perth Redbacks.
21st August, 2015 Malaysia Signed for the duration of the Seri Mutiara Champions Cup with Negeri Sembilan Matrix.
2nd November, 2016 D-League Designated as a returning player by Rio Grande Valley Vipers.
15th April, 2016 Venezuela Signed for the remainder of the postseason with Guaiqueries de Margarita.
5th August, 2016 Italy Signed a one year contract with JuveCaserta.
26th July, 2017 France Signed a one year contract with Chalon-sur-Saone.
23rd August, 2017 D-League Drafted 34th overall in the 2017 D-League Expansion Draft by Erie BayHawks.
When: Where:
2009 - 2014 Massachusetts (NCAA)
October 2014 - April 2015 Rio Grande Valley Vipers (D-League)
April 2015 - May 2015 Al Ittihad (Saudi Arabia)
June 2015 - July 2015 Perth Redbacks (Australia, SBL)
August 2015 - September 2015 NS Matrix (Malaysia)
November 2015 - April 2016 Rio Grande Valley Vipers (D-League)
April 2016 Guaiqueries (Venezuela)
July 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers (Summer League)
August 2016 - June 2017 JuveCaserta (Italy)
July 2017 Minnesota Timberwolves (Summer League)
July 2017 Phoenix Suns (Summer League)
July 2017 - present Chalon-sur-Saone (France)
From blog:

   Wildly Unnecessarily Lengthy 2014 NBA Draft Board, Part 3: NCAA Small Forwards

Arms as long and thin as advertised.

Raphiael Putney, Massachusetts, Senior, 6'9 185lbs

2013/14 stats: 24.2 mpg, 8.8 ppg, 5.4 rpg, 1.5 apg, 0.8 spg, 1.2 bpg, 1.7 TOpg, 2.7 fpg, 45.1% FG, 32.0% 3PT, 75.0% FT

The rail-thin Putney has essentially played mostly as a small power forward in his career so far, and may well continue to do so here on out. But he is hereby listed as a small forward, because the thought of a power forward weighing less than 200lbs is a tough one.

Putney is very, very wiry, which is both a blessing and a curse. His limbs are long, hence all the blocked shots. Although he bites on every shot fake and reaches far too much, Putney's tremendous wingspan makes him versatile and disruptive defensively. Even when beaten, Putney's wingspan and good mobility makes him able to recover and contest, and he is best on the defensive end when freeroaming, defending switches, lurking around the basket, gambling and anticipating, and providing help anywhere on the court. In theory, Putney can develop everywhere from shooting guard to centre. The flip side of this leanness, though, is that in being so thin (and it is hard to overstate how thin he is), Putney is very easily overpowered, and not even necessarily by especially powerful opponents. He also does not always give forth the effort to try and win position or stay in front, relying on his wingspan and athleticism to do it all, which it doesn't. His length is a big asset on defense, but it's also the only defensive asset he has.

Offensively, the story is similar for similar reasons. Not aided by the unnecessarily large arc on his shot, Putney is not the best jump shooter, and although he can hit open spot-ups from both mid-range and long with decent form, he does not create these looks or shoot off the dribble. Putney also does not create in the post, and though he can get from perimeter to basket in two long (always right handed) dribbles, it has to be a fairly open lane for him to do so, as he hasn't much of a handle at all. What Putney does do is run the court well, spot up, and be a threat for lob passes. But he struggles badly under duress, is easily pushed off the spot, cannot feed the post (thus negating any potential usefulness in high-low action), cannot create, nor finish reliably. And further to this, he takes some bad quick shots.

Putney intrigues because he does a lot of what can't be taught through his physical profile and natural instincts. His skill set, however, has not caught up. Putney is still raw, somewhat deficient in his court awareness and raw skills, and prone to letting his offensive performance on any given night dictate his defensive intensity. Whoever picks up Putney will have an asset, but a frustrating one. Putney would be quite the sophomore right now, but as a 24 year old graduating senior, he needs to make some quick strides to realise his potential. Putney has the same sort of physical profile as multi-year NBA player Jeremy Evans, but Evans plays to his strengths and plays hard. And thus Putney needs to be more like Jeremy Evans. Or, if he shoots better, Travis Outlaw. Either direction is open to him, yet he currently sits in the no-mans land in between.

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Signed in France


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