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Kaj-Bjorn Sherman - C, 7'0, 250
Free agent - Last played with Sammic (Spain, 2017)
       Date of birth: 05/22/1992
       Country: USA/Britain
     Drafted (NBA): Undrafted, 2015
     Out of: Texas-San Antonio
  NBA Experience: 0 years
  Hand: Right

14th September, 2015 Spain Signed a one year contract with Lucentum Alicante.
16th August, 2016 Great Britain Signed a one year contract with Cheshire Phoenix.
13th October, 2016 Great Britain Left Cheshire Phoenix.
17th October, 2016 Spain Signed for the remainder of the season with Sammic Iraugi.
When: Where:
2011 - 2013 North Idaho (Junior College)
2013 - 2015 UTSA (NCAA)
September 2015 - June 2016 Lucentum Alicante (Spain, LEB Gold)
August 2016 - October 2016 Cheshire Phoenix (Great Britain)
October 2016 - June 2017 Sammic (Spain, LEB Gold)
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   Wildly Unnecessarily Lengthy 2015 NBA Draft Board, Part 4: NCAA Centres

Kaj-Björn Sherman, UTSA, 7'0, 250lbs

Despite the name, Kaj-Bjorn Sherman has no known (from here) Scandinavian heritage, and nor do his siblings Kjell and Karsten. But if he does, and if he can get a passport, this will very greatly help out the European basketball career he seems otherwise destined to have. Sherman's efficiency speaks to both his IQ, but also his limitations. He only does a few things on the court - layup, foul line jumper, screen a lot - and yet he does them very well.

Sherman is an extremely efficient player (56.7% field goal shooting, 76.9% free throw shooting, 63% true shooting percentage), and also a very big one. Standing a true seven foot tall with a good frame, he has a decent amount of muscle to go with that, which compensates for a lack of foot speed. Offensively, Sherman gets to the free throw line often, helped by a tendency to up-fake that he is often guilty of overusing. Coupled with this is a foul line jump shot (on which "jump" is a bit of a misrepresentation), an awful lot of screen setting, and good effort to constantly make himself a target on the court. The foul line shot in particular is something of a staple; between it and his high free throw rate, Sherman spends a lot of time standing on the line.

Elsewhere, Sherman can be seen to be the roll man in some pick-and-roll action, and will actually make contact with his man on a screen (and there's a lot of screens). Although not armed with the most versatile post-up game and not much inclined to try and create for the block, he can finish from the post with a righty hook, using strength to get the position and some finesse to finish from it. Moreso than being a post creator, Sherman is a post option, able to carve out space for lobs over the top, creating angles for feeds, generally getting quite a lot of touches in the half court offense and adept at being able to pass back out if he doesn't have the look he needs. Being a below-the-rim player, however, can limit his effectiveness when defended with true size.

There are concerns defensively, though, most of them born out of his limited mobility. Being seven foot and 250lbs would be a deterrent were he seven foot and 250lbs in the right spot on the floor - as it is, though, Sherman can't move and rotate quickly. His big frame, strength and physical play have their uses in the paint area, and he is particularly difficult to get position on. But once there, Sherman's defense is largely limited to standing with his hands up. He will try to take a charge, but his slow rotation speed makes this tough, and for all his size, Sherman needs to be more physical on the defensive glass. Able to be outleapt and outrun, Sherman's smarts and high IQ are there on the defensive end just as they are on offense, but he is less able to do much about it.

Having battled a bad back in his college career, Sherman bloomed late and proved himself very capable of a professional career elsewhere. He might want to double check his heritage now.

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