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Liam McMorrow - C, 7'2, 270
Signed in Asia - Signed with Taiwan Beer in Taiwan
       Date of birth: 07/22/1987
       Country: Canada
     Drafted (NBA): Undrafted, 2012
     Out of: Tennessee Tech
  NBA Experience: 0 years
  Hand: Right

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   2015 NBA Summer League Rosters - L.A. Clippers

Liam McMorrow

Tennessee Tech graduate McMorrow is also a one time summer league back for a second go, who played for the as-were Hornets in the 2013 edition. He has spent the two years hence in various places, firstly in Taiwan, and then splitting last year between the Halifax Rainmen of NBL Canada and Barako Bull in the Phillipines, the latter of which he averaged 27.5 points and 20.2 rebounds per game for. Even in a league where every import's stats (especially rebounding stats) are huge, McMorrow's stand out. Turning 28 in a couple of weeks despite his relative newness to the game, McMorrow is a project starting to come good - 7'2, strong and a good leaper, he is a rare physical specimen, who never fails to make himself known on the glass. The offensive game is extremely limited, the mistakes high, and the defensive awareness slow and clumsy (for some reason he never does much in the way of shotblocking, despite it all), yet in spite of this and his advancing age, McMorrow's profile is suitably rare as to always merit a look.

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Signed in Asia


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