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Steven Hunter - PF/C, 7'0, 240
Retired - Retired after 2010 season
       Date of birth: 10/31/1981
       Country: USA
     Drafted (NBA): 15th pick, 2001
     Out of: DePaul
  NBA Experience: 9 years
  Hand: Right

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   Top 101 NBA Ten-Day Contract Candidates (When 20 Would Probably Have Been Enough)

Steven Hunter - Hunter's NBA career probably ended this summer when his five year Billy King special did. The young Steven Hunter that was a athletic 7 foot shotblocking specialist has been taken from us (and more importantly, from him) due to chronic knee complaints that have effectively forced his retirement, even if such retirement is not official yet. Given the chance of a miracle cure, Hunter would garner interest, but if you want an athletic 7 footer, you might as well have Ryan Hollins.

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   Addendum to the Xavier Henry thing

It no longer matters, but, for point of reference, four year 120% contracts for [Xavier] Henry and [Greivis] Vasquez will total a combined $15,167,563. Contrastly, 100% scale contracts for the two of them would have totalled a combined $12,639,636. That is a difference of $2,527,927, over four years, for a combined eight years of service between the two players. That total amount is less than they just sold Dominique Jones for, less than they just gave Tony Allen, less than they got for taking on Steven Hunter's deal last year, and less than 40% of what they're still paying Marko Jaric, a man currently without a job. Worse still, Henry and Vasquez would probably have met those minute incentives - if not in year one, then through the remainder of the contract. The savings, therefore, would have been even less. Yet that comparatively trivial amount was deemed enough to risk everything.

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   The best of what's left after what was the best of what's left has gone and is no longer left

- Steven Hunter * - As far as can be told, Hunter has not retired, neither officially nor unofficially. But he's started attending broadcatser training, which hints at future plans.

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   The best of what's left

Steven Hunter - Hunter is probably done due to years of injuries caused by years of jumping. They are best described here.

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   A History Of Failed Physicals

February 2006: Steven Hunter

The Philadelphia 76ers, who had had their cap woefully mismanaged by their President Billy King (not Jean), decided they needed to save some money. At the same time, the New Orleans Hornets (who are a recurring theme in this list) are looking for immediate big man depth to fill the void left by Chris Andersen's two year suspension, handed down the previous month.

The two agreed to a deal that saw Steven Hunter traded to the Hornets for two future second round picks, getting the Hornets some much needed big man cover and getting the Sixers out from under one of King's more ambitious contracts (a five year guaranteed deal to a backup big man who had only played more than 60 games once). However, this deal was also vetoed, after the Hornets doctors found a whole load of bad news in Hunter's right knee. Hunter had torn the ACL in the knee back in 2002, and even though he was healthy and playing at the time, the Hornets doctors didn't like the knee's prognosis, and viewed something that the Sixers doctors had deemed to be insignificant as instead being significant enough to cancel the deal, much to Billy and Jean's chagrin.

They were right, too. Hunter played in only 19 games and 120 minutes in the 2007/08 season due to his right knee, then missed all of the 2008/09 season because of it, and nearly retired at Christmas time due to the unrelenting pain. He was later traded to the Memphis Grizzlies as a pure salary dump, where he was once again not expected to play because of the knee. As it happens, Hunter DID play a few minutes for the Grizzlies this season; 158 minutes in 21 games, to be exact, before leaving the team in February to further rehab his permanently painful knee. This meant a total of 278 minutes played over the last three years of his contract, while earning a tasty 8 figures for his troubles.

The team rescinding the trade had once again made the right decision.

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