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Allen Iverson - PG/SG, 6'0, 165
Retired - Retired in August 2013
       Date of birth: 06/07/1975
       Country: USA
     Drafted (NBA): 1st pick, 1996
     Out of: Georgetown
  NBA Experience: 14 years
  Hand: Right

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   The best of what's left after what was the best of what's left has gone and is no longer left

- Allen Iverson * - The Hornets want him, but the Hornets don't want him. That about sums that up. Iverson is publicly saying all the right things, but it's not making a difference. No one seems to want him, and because of what happened last year, he brought this upon himself. If he really has learnt humility, is it too late to make a difference? Not yet, but nearly.

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   The best of what's left

Allen Iverson - I can't think of a single team for whom signing Allen Iverson is a good idea. I mean, if it didn't work out on Philadelphia, where WILL it work out? As far as I see it, Charlotte remains the only possibility. And I think it would have happened by now.

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   The NBA’s best unsigned free agents

Allen Iverson — Should take the Antoine Walker route and join the D-League. And I base that on absolutely nothing.

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   All-Star memories: Michael Jordan’s last hurrah

[...] The All-Star game itself was not half bad, either. The first and thus far only All-Star game to go to double overtime, it saw 300 total points scored, an in-his-prime Allen Iverson doing what an in-his-prime Allen Iverson did at All-Star games, and an in-his-prime Kevin Garnett dominate proceedings on his way to the MVP trophy. Shaq faced off with Brad Miller for the first significant time since Shaq tried to kill him, an amusing in-game report spoke of Antoine Walker and Paul Pierce’s outrages at playing so few minutes, Yao Ming looked woefully out of place on his way to two points and two rebounds, and the close finish saw the game’s very best turn up the intensity and play at something resembling their very hardest. It was good fun to watch, right down to the Zydrunas Ilgauskas experience. Even the 52 turnovers were aesthetically pleasing.

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