"That's like asking a guy getting a divorce, 'Who did your wife just bone?' " - Chris Webber to reporters asking him badly timed questions.

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Kevin Lisch - PG/SG, null, null
Signed in Australia/New Zealand - Signed with Sydney Kings
       Date of birth: null
       Country: Australia/USA/Italy
     Drafted (NBA): null
     Out of: Saint Louis
  NBA Experience: 0 years
  Hand: null

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Signed in Australia


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Note: Non-US teams that the player has played for are, unless stated otherwise, from the top division in that nation. If a league or division name is expressly stated, it's not the top division. The only exceptions to this are the rare occasions where no one league is said to be above the other, such as with the JBL/BJ League split in Japan.

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