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Jarrett Jack - PG/SG, 6'3, 197
New York Knicks - Signed as a free agent in September 2017
       Date of birth: 10/28/1983
       Country: USA
     Drafted (NBA): 22nd pick, 2005
     Out of: Georgia Tech
  NBA Experience: 11 years
  Hand: Right

2005 NBA Draft NBA Drafted 22nd overall by Denver.
2005 NBA Draft NBA Draft rights traded by Denver to Portland in exchange for the draft rights to Linas Kleiza (#27) and Ricky Sanchez (#35).
13th July, 2005 NBA Signed four year, $5,416,623 rookie scale contract with Portland. Included team options for 2007/08 and 2008/09.
30th October, 2006 NBA Portland exercised 2007/08 team option.
29th October, 2007 NBA Portland exercised 2008/09 team option.
9th July, 2008 NBA Traded by Portland, along with Josh McRoberts, the draft rights to Brandon Rush (#13, 2008) and cash, to Indiana in exchange for Ike Diogu and the draft rights to Jerryd Bayless (#11, 2008).
11th July, 2009 NBA Signed a four year, $20 million offer sheet with Toronto.
21st July, 2009 NBA Indiana declined to match Toronto's offer sheet.
20th November, 2010 NBA Traded by Toronto, along with Marcus Banks and David Andersen, to New Orleans in exchange for Peja Stojakovic and Jerryd Bayless.
11th July, 2012 NBA As a part of a three team deal, traded by New Orleans to Golden State, along with Darryl Watkins to Philadelphia, in exchange for the draft rights to Edin Bavcic (#56, 2006).
12th July, 2013 NBA Signed a partially guaranteed four year, $25.2 million contract with Cleveland.
10th July, 2014 NBA As a part of a three team deal, traded by Cleveland to Brooklyn, along with Sergey Karasev, and along with Tyler Zeller and a 2016 first round pick (#28, Skal Labissiere) to Boston, in exchange for the draft rights to Ilkan Karaman (#57, 2012), Christian Drejer (#51, 2004) and Edin Bavcic (#56, 2006) from Brooklyn and a protected 2015 second round pick (not conveyed) from Boston.
30th June, 2016 NBA Waived by Brooklyn.
14th July, 2016 NBA Signed a guaranteed one year minimum salary contract with Atlanta.
20th October, 2016 NBA Waived by Atlanta.
24th February, 2017 NBA Signed a 10 day contract with New Orleans.
15th September, 2017 NBA Signed an unguaranteed one year minimum salary contract with New York.
When: Where:
2002 - 2005 Georgia Tech (NCAA)
June 2005 - July 2008 Portland Trail Blazers (NBA)
July 2008 - June 2009 Indiana Pacers (NBA)
July 2009 - November 2010 Toronto Raptors (NBA)
November 2010 - July 2012 New Orleans Hornets (NBA)
July 2012 - June 2013 Golden State Warriors (NBA)
July 2013 - July 2014 Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA)
July 2014 - June 2016 Brooklyn Nets (NBA)
July 2016 - October 2016 Atlanta Hawks (NBA)
February 2017 - March 2017 New Orleans Pelicans (NBA)
September 2017 - present New York Knicks (NBA)
From blog:

   We're Adding A Little Something To This Month's Sales Contest. As You All Know, First Prize Is A Cadillac El Dorado.

To win a roster spot, Darius Miles will have to go through Derrick Brown. Brown struggled to get minutes in his rookie season behind Larry Brown's love for the solid but unspectacular Stephen Graham, and while Graham has since moved on to New Jersey, Dominic McGuire has (rather unnecessarily, I feel) been brought in on a guaranteed deal to replace him. Both of those players are behind Gerald Wallace (who plays 80% of the minutes in 80% of the games), and Boris Diaw and Tyrus Thomas make for a strong power forward duo. There's little scope for Miles to get minutes, therefore, unless he can sufficiently outplay Brown that the team opts to waive him, in spite of his $200,000 guaranteed compensation.

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   2012 NBA Draft Diary

Rivers, who likely won't have to do the traditional draftee thing and buy his parents a house, now pairs up in New Orleans with Eric Gordon. Gordon is a restricted free agent this summer, and, as the only top quality shooting guard on the market, might not be easy to retain. But if New Orleans pays whatever it costs to keep him - and they really must - they now have a strong young core of him, Rivers, the aforementioned Anthony Davis and the always underappreciated Gustavo Ayon (who will be so much better than you expect next year). What isn't obvious is how Rivers and Gordon will pair - both are undersized twos that can't really play point guard, and yet unless they want to spend a year subbing in for each other, one of them will have to. However, acquiring talent and taking the best player available is always the right way to go, and Rivers is that. Something akin to the Gilbert Arenas/Larry Hughes backcourt of yesteryear, back when both were good, may just work.

With that in mind, Jarrett Jack is now back in his rightful position - as the league's best backup point guard. It's where he should always have been.

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   So This Actually Happened


At the end of the third quarter of a game that was a blowout from the fifth minute onwards, Raptors point guard Jarrett Jack holds the ball at the top of the key. Noticing his shoelace is undone, he tucks the ball under his arm while the clock continues to tick, and ties it back up.

Not a single Bulls player tries to knock it away.

That basically summed up the whole game. The Bulls played worse than any team has ever played in any game at any standard in any season of any decade in any league in any country of any sport ever. They were listless, talentless and overmatched, with the playbook of a Corleggy cheese and all the energy of a bag of spanners. They fought like a Frenchman on their way to losing 110-79, in front of a sold out crowd of men in suits who refused to boo as if they cared. It's the only time I've ever turned off a game because I couldn't stand to watch it. Bad, bad, bad times.

If you happen to own or run an NBA team and are looking to hire someone to work 80 hour weeks as a professional nerd, hire me. Because then I can stop supporting the Bulls.

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   The NBA's middle class: where fringe stars now hang out

[...] In comparison, 36 such players have signed within those parameters in 2013. And in contrast to 2008, those names are often established quality role players who aren't quite stars and who rightly aren't being paid like it. At the top end, players like Monta Ellis, Jose Calderon, Brandon Jennings, Jarrett Jack, Jeff Teague and Carl Landry are all getting acceptable prices, perhaps $2 million annually less than they would have done five years ago. At the bottom end, established role players like Marreese Speights, Tony Allen and Chris Kaman are getting paid adequately for their useful role player production. And unlike in 2008, those deals like Kaman's are not too long. See also Greg Stiemsma, Tyler Hansbrough, Mike Dunleavy Jr, Dorell Wright and Randy Foye, none more than three years in length, some as short as one.

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   The Bulls should trade for Andrew Bynum

[...] Few other offseason moves have worked out, either, and the Cavaliers have found themselves off to a disappointing 10-21 start. Most notably, #1 overall pick Anthony Bennett is off to a horrific start to his NBA career, shooting 28% from the field and looking utterly lost and overwhelmed. After his great climax to last season, Jarrett Jack has regressed to his career means with sedate averages of 10 and 4, whilst the other big summer signing, Earl Clark, has gone from being a player who could do a little bit of everything except shoot to a fairly one dimensional (albeit efficient) one dimensional shooter who no longer wishes to use his good passing skills. The efficient, capable, sweet-shooting Matthew Dellavedova has been a good third string point guard pick-up, and Henry Sims has pretty much outplayed Bennett in his limited minutes to date, but with draftees Sergei Karasev and Carrick Felix offering nothing so far, the Cavaliers’ offseason acquisitions have been mostly underwhelming. And because of this, the team has been underwhelming.

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   NBA Fantasy Preview - 30th October 2017

With the Ramon Sessions experiment over, and with rookie Frank Ntilikina far too untested to take over yet, Jack is getting the short term starts at point guard. And while not the scorer he was in his younger days, Jack plays 25.7 minutes, scores 4.7 points per game, flanks it with 5.3 assists and 4.0 rebounds per game, and very rarely turns it over. It is a small but useful contribution for a tiny price.

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   NBA Fantasy Preview - 5th November 2017

Jack no longer scores the ball, but his 4.3 points, 6.0 assist and 4.0 rebound per game averages in a starting role that looks to be continuing for a while giving him some low cost fantasy value.

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New York Knicks

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