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Kenny Thomas - PF, 6'7, 245
Retired - Retired after 2011 season
       Date of birth: 07/25/1977
       Country: USA
     Drafted (NBA): 22nd pick, 1999
     Out of: New Mexico
  NBA Experience: 11 years
  Hand: Right

1999 NBA Draft NBA Drafted 22nd overall by Houston.
13th August, 1999 NBA Signed four year, $4,213,164 rookie scale contract with Houston. Included team option 2002/03.
26th September, 2001 NBA Houston exercised 2002/03 team option.
18th December, 2002 NBA As a part of a three team deal, traded by Houston to Philadelphia, along a 2004 second round pick (#59, Vassilis Spanoulis) to Denver, in exchange for James Posey from Denver.
16th July, 2003 NBA Re-signed by Philadelphia to a seven year, $50,400,500 contract. Included early termination option after 2007/08 season.
23rd February, 2005 NBA Traded by Philadelphia, along with Brian Skinner and Corliss Williamson, to Sacramento in exchange for Chris Webber, Matt Barnes and Michael Bradley.
30th June, 2008 NBA Declined to exercise early termination option.
18th February, 2010 NBA Waived by Sacramento.
28th September, 2010 NBA Signed an unguaranteed one year minimum salary contract with Memphis.
11th October, 2010 NBA Waived by Houston.
When: Where:
1995 - 1999 New Mexico (NCAA)
June 1999 - December 2002 Houston Rockets (NBA)
December 2002 - February 2005 Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)
February 2005 - February 2010 Sacramento Kings (NBA)
September 2010 - October 2010 Memphis Grizzlies (NBA)
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   Anybody Wanna See Second Prize? Second Prize Is A Set Of Steak Knives.....

Thomas had been a member of the Kings from the date of the Chris Webber trade (February 2005) until they waived him (February 2010). He used to be a big part of the team, starting in a combined 106 games in his first two full seasons after the trade. However, over the last three years, he played only 57 games combined. He played 26 in 2007/08, 8 in 2008/09, and 23 in 2009/10, combining for only 656 minutes in three calendar years. In what little time he has managed, Thomas's production has declined beyond belief; this formerly athletic inside/outside scorer (who made 57 three pointers in his first two seasons, and then only 2 in the last ten) can now barely score the ball at all. Thomas averaged only 4.7 points per 36 minutes last year, 3.5 in 2008/09, 4.1 in 2008/09, and 8.4 in 2006/07. He retains a solid rebounding rate, but aged only 33, he seems to have lost all of his ability to both score and defend. Memphis are more than entitled to see if he can do anything about their comparatively weak backup power forward rotation, yet until further notice, Thomas is done.

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   Top 101 NBA Ten-Day Contract Candidates (When 20 Would Probably Have Been Enough)

Kenny Thomas - Thomas attempted a comeback from a progressive yet emphatic three year decline when he signed with the Grizzlies for training camp. However, he didn't show that he had anything left. If Thomas can rustle up a second wind from somewhere, he will be looked at for his heady veteranness. But a second wind seems unlikely. These days, he is little more than a trillion threat.

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   Where Are They Now, 2010; Part 66

- Kenny Thomas

Thomas started the year with the Kings, the final hangover from the Chris Webber deal. He survived much of the year on the roster, and even played in 26 games, but was waived when the Kings trade deadline activity necessitated a roster spot. (More importantly, Thomas's expiring deal was not included in any of the trades. Because that's why he was still there.) Thomas has not signed anywhere or done anything newsworthy since.

Remember the days when Kenny Thomas was an athletic combo forward with three point range? Nah, me neither really. But it did happen. Thomas hit 57 three pointers in his first two NBA seasons; over the next nine seasons and 486 games, he hit only two more.

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   Bookkeeping The Retired Guys, 2013 Edition

Kenny Thomas - Runs this.

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