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Michael Finley - SG/SF, 6'7, 225
Retired - Retired after 2010 season
       Date of birth: 03/06/1973
       Country: USA
     Drafted (NBA): 21st pick, 1995
     Out of: Wisconsin
  NBA Experience: 15 years
  Hand: Right

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   Top 101 NBA Ten-Day Contract Candidates (When 20 Would Probably Have Been Enough)

Michael Finley - Finley didn't secure a new contract over the summer, and fell out of the NBA at age 37. At that age, and with his talents withered away to the point that he is a marginal NBA player, he is not likely to return. But all it takes is one or two major injuries to a contending team, and he could be right back, spotting up for big playoff threes.

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   The best of what's left

Michael Finley - Finley started 77 games in 2008/09, but it was last year, the year in which he turned 37, that he finally jumped the shark. He shot the three pointer well for the Celtics, yet was bad for the Spurs, and put up career lows across the board. There's not much left to Finley now, and none of it is coming back.

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   Bookkeeping The Retired Guys, 2013 Edition

Michael Finley - Finley works with the Mavericks in an unspecified role. As recently as November, he spoke of plans to make a comeback, but, having turned 40 last week, those plans look ambitious.

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