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Chris Bosh - PF/C, 6'11, 235
Free agent - Last played with Miami (2017)
       Date of birth: 03/24/1984
       Country: USA
     Drafted (NBA): 4th pick, 2003
     Out of: Georgia Tech
  NBA Experience: 14 years
  Hand: Left

2003 NBA Draft NBA Drafted 4th overall by Toronto.
7th July, 2003 NBA Signed four year, $13,624,260 rookie scale contract with Toronto. Included team option for 2006/07.
27th June, 2005 NBA Toronto exercised 2006/07 team option.
14th July, 2006 NBA Signed a four year maximum value extension ($60,380,986) with Toronto. Included player option for 2010/11.
30th June, 2010 NBA Declined 2010/11 player option.
9th July, 2010 NBA Signed and traded by Toronto with a six year, $109,837,500 contract to Miami in exchange for the return of Toronto's 2011 first round pick (#5, Jonas Valanciunas) and Miami's 2011 first round pick (#28, Norris Cole).
28th June, 2014 NBA Exercised early termination option.
30th July, 2014 NBA Re-signed by Miami to a five year, $118,705,300 contract.
4th July, 2017 NBA Waived by Miami.
When: Where:
2002 - 2003 Georgia Tech (NCAA)
June 2003 - June 2010 Toronto Raptors (NBA)
July 2010 - July 2017 Miami Heat (NCAA)
From blog:

   Creative Financing in the NBA, 2010

Even though Pat Riley said it wouldn't happen, Miami pawned off Beasley to Minnesota in exchange for the Timberwolves's 2011 and 2014 second round draft picks. [David Kahn might not have a plan, but he's made two unbelievable steals in the last two years that are in danger of going overlooked. This was one of them. More of the other in another post.] Subtracting Beasley's salary and adding one more cap hold put the Heat's total salary number at $24,259,284, cap room of $33,784,716. Wade then re-signed to a less-than-maximum contract, which started at $14,200,000 and paying $107,565,000 over the full six seasons; for reference's sake, this is over $16 million less than Joe Johnson got from Atlanta. (This is also the only time Joe Johnson will ever get mentioned in a "creative" financing post. Nothing creative about that contract.) Sign and trades for Bosh and James were then completed, both players signing identical $109,837,500 contracts starting at $14,500,000.

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   2017 NBA Manifesto

Chris Bosh
PF/C, 6’11, 235lbs, 33 years old, 14 years of experience

Bosh is said to have a career ending injury. Whether he agrees with this is or not might not matter – it matters only if anyone wants to give him a contract ever again. A disappointing ending, or presumed ending, to a great career. But this needn’t be the part anyone remembers.

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