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Loren Woods - C, 7'2, 260
Signed in Asia - Signed with Al Hala in Bahrain
       Date of birth: 06/21/1978
       Country: USA/Lebanon
     Drafted (NBA): 46th pick, 2001
     Out of: Arizona
  NBA Experience: 6 years
  Hand: Right

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   We're Adding A Little Something To This Month's Sales Contest. As You All Know, First Prize Is A Cadillac El Dorado.

Loren Woods's return to the NBA for the first time in two years is an unexpected but not unwelcome surprise. Partly because it's both good and interesting to see that this 32 year old six year veteran is still just about on the NBA radar, but also because it gives us a chance to peel off his slightly patronising yet ultimately well intentioned highlight reel once again.

(And yes, that is Hedo Turkoglu playing for the Magic in garbage time during a 24 point loss to the 10-22 magic. Lots of things have changed since then.)

Since being waived by the Rockets in 2008, Woods has played in Lithuania, Spain and Iran (which must be a difficult gig for any American). With Iranian team Mahram this summer, Woods won the Asian Club Championships, averaging 12.3 rebounds and an undisclosed number of points per game. (Jordanian great Jack Rebel Slims led the tournament with 24.6ppg.) He's the same player he always was; a nimble if slender 7'1 rebounder and shotblocker who is very inconsistent and not very good at scoring, but who likes to try to do so anyway.

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   Doesn't The Word Williams Begin to Look A Bit Silly After A While?

- Loren Woods

Ex-NBA big man Woods has taken his forehead halfway around the world, spending this season with Mahram in Iran. He has been in and out of the team a few times - at least, that's what I can gather from my unbelievably limited knowledge of Persian - but he was there for the Asian Club Championships that concluded two nights ago. Full statistics are unavailable, but Mahram won the tournament, and Woods recorded 15 points and 14 rebounds in the finale. Jackson Vroman top scored with 21.

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Signed in Asia


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