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Devin Brown - SG, 6'5, 210
Retired - Retired after 2012 season
       Date of birth: 12/30/1978
       Country: USA
     Drafted (NBA): Undrafted, 2002
     Out of: Texas-San Antonio
  NBA Experience: 8 years
  Hand: Right

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   Top 101 NBA Ten-Day Contract Candidates (When 20 Would Probably Have Been Enough)

Devin Brown - Brown flumped out of the NBA this summer after a poor season split between the Hornets and Bulls. His combined PER of 10.0 does not look good; his PER with Chicago of 0.4 tells an even less flattering tale. The formerly athletic player who used to be able to do everything but shoot, now does nothing but shoot, and yet is not a good shooter. Having turned 32 last week, the athleticism won't be returning. An NBA redux looks unlikely.

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   The best of what's left

Devin Brown - Bulls fans love to daydream about the prospect of Tracy McGrady returning to his 2006 form. But I'm not allowed to daydream about the possibility that Devin Brown could return to his 2006 form. In 2006, as a midseason pick-up playing as an emergency point guard for the Hornets, Brown was good. He was athletic, a rebounder and decent shooter, capable defender and passer, a solid and versatile all-around player who was great at nothing, but contributed at everything. That's not what he is now, of course; the athleticism has gone, and the shot, which was never very good, has gotten worse. He now can't defend, run the court or drive, and resorts to casting up bad 3's.

I'm not saying I want Devin back with the Bulls. I'm just saying the McGrady pipe dream is a hypocrisy. Tracy, after all, lost a lot more than Devin ever did.

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   Current Trade Kickers

[...] You only get one trade kicker per contract; that is to say, if you sign a contract with a trade kicker in it, the trade kicker is only applied to the first trade that contract is in and not to any subsequent contracts. (The exception is with sign and trades, where the first trade - the sign and trade - is ignored, and the trade kicker is applied to the next subsequent trade. This is why Peja is listed above.)

Because of that, there are a good many players whose current contracts featured trade kickers that have already been invoked. Here they are now, along with the value of their kicker. Note: only currently-being-paid contracts are listed, and the player doesn't necessarily have to be on an NBA roster any more.

- Tony Battie (10%)
- Mark Blount (15%)
- Bruce Bowen (lesser of 15% or $300,000)
- Devin Brown (10%)
- Greg Buckner (5%)
- Kevin Garnett (15%)
- Drew Gooden (5%)
- Eddie House (7.5%)
- Steven Hunter (7.5%)
- Zydrunas Ilgauskas (15%)
- Mike James (5%)
- Jared Jeffries (15%)
- Amir Johnson (15%)
- Mikki Moore (12.5%)
- Shaquille O'Neal (15%)
- Quentin Richardson (7.5%)
- John Salmons (15%)
- Bobby Simmons (10%)
- Etan Thomas (15%)
- Damien Wilkins (10%, only up to $1.2 mil)

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   Wesley Matthews's impending free agency

Young players don't usually sign one year minimum salary deals. Veterans almost always do, because teams have financial incentive to do so. Teams who sign players with more than two years of experience to sign one year minimum salary deals are billed only the amount of a two year veteran; for example, when Chicago signed Lindsey Hunter to a one year minimum salary deal this past offseason, they were billed only $825,497 for his services. The minimum salary for a ten year or more veteran is actually $1,306,455, and Hunter got all that; however, only $825,497 is charged to the Bulls cap, and the league refunds the difference between the two sums to the Bulls during the following offseason. This is why most old farts only sign one year minimum deals, and, on the rare occasions that they don't - Eric Piatkowski with Phoenix, Devin Brown with Nawlins, Calvin Booth with Philadelphia - it's usually a mistake.

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