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Chris Whitney - PG, 6'0, 175
Retired - Retired in 2005
       Date of birth: 10/05/1971
       Country: USA
     Drafted (NBA): 47th pick, 1993
     Out of: Clemson
  NBA Experience: 11 years
  Hand: Right

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   Where Are They Now, 2010; Part 72

- Jahidi White and
- Chris Whitney

Former teammates White and Whitney are both now retired, and have gone into business together. They have started an employment agency called Staffing Across America, which aims to staff across America. The duo are trying to take their staffing business global, with the aim of staffing around the world. Whitney has also done some TV work Comcast Sportsnet, and bizarrely, White has done some acting, playing the role of an alien in a made-for-TV move called "Showdown At Area 51". White is listed as playing a character called "Kronan" - a quick Google search reveals that Kronan is an alien character within the 3.6/10 rated film. There follows a screen cap of an alien character in the movie.

Is that really Jahidi White? God, I hope so.

IMDB carries a trailer of said film; if you pause it at the 12 second mark, you will clearly see through the grippingly realistic costume that whoever is playing the masked alien freak is black. And if you pause it at the 11 second mark, you can see whoever it is is roughly the same height as the 80 inch Land Rover Defender that is approaching them. [Editor's note: yes, I have put way too much time into this.] With all this in mind, therefore, is it still possible for two 6'9 foot black men called Jahidi White to exist, and that it's the non-NBA 6'9 Jahidi White that featured in this low-budget alien movie?

God, I hope not.

(Additionally, I don't think the actual Area 51 was based in a junkyard.)

Two bonus Jahidi White facts: Jahidi White worked as a coach at the recent Portsmouth Invitational tournament, and he also worked at AOL as a "research assistant" during the 1999 NBA lockout. If you come away from this post either indifferent or dismissive towards Jahidi White, then there's something wrong with you.

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   Where Are They Now, 2011: Bookkeeping The Retired Guys

Jahidi White and Chris Whitney - The last time we checked in on these two, they were in business together, with Jahidi simultaneously launching an amusing and short-lived acting career. Little is known of Jahidi since that time, or of the state of their business. but in September, Chris Whitney was hired by the Bobcats as Director of Player Development. Consider for a moment who owns the Bobcats.

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   Bookkeeping The Retired Guys, 2013 Edition

Chris Whitney - Director of Player Development with the Bobcats since 2010.

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   "That Guy We Drafted," 1993

- 47th pick: Chris Whitney (San Antonio)

- Whitney last played in the NBA in the 2003-04 season back with the Wizards, appearing in 16 games but shooting only 38% from the field. There were reports that he re-signed with the Wizards in early 2008, but those weren't true. (I think ESPN typoed, and the rest of the internet then copied it.) Whitney finished his career with career averages of 6.5 points and 2.8 assists in 579 games, with 0 All Star appearances and not many MVP awards.

Now in retirement, Whitney and former teammate Jahidi White have since gone into business together, starting an employment agency called Staffing Across America, which aims to staff across America. He's also done some TV work Comcast Sportsnet, and is trying to take their staffing business global, with the aim of staffing around the world. Furthermore, Whitney has a Facebook account, as does everyone. It's also pretty awesome that the only information that he allows the public to see is "gender; male." As if there was any doubt.

The only other two Whitney's in NBA history were called Hank and Hawkeye. Now those are some names.

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