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Ibrahim Kutluay - SG, 6'6, 200
Retired - Retired in 2009
       Date of birth: 01/07/1974
       Country: Turkey
     Drafted (NBA): Undrafted, 1996
     Out of: Panathinaikos (Greece)
  NBA Experience: 1 years
  Hand: Right

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   Where Are They Now, 2011: Bookkeeping The Retired Guys

Ibrahim Kutluay - Kutluay retired in 2009 and now runs a basketball academy. He in fact started the academy back in 2011, but of course, he has far greater time to devote to it now.

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   Where Are They Now, 2010; Part 37

- Ibrahim Kutluay

Former Sonic Kutluay spent last year in the Turkish second division. He blew it up, averaging 26.8 points per game, but the Turkish second division isn't very good. Kutluay retired at the season's end, aged 35, and ran for election in the Turkish Basketball Federation elections. I don't speak enough Turkish to know what happened with that, and nor do I speak enough to understand quite what this means. However, from what I can gather, it appears that he was the victim of an attempted blackmail recently. A more accurate translation would be welcomed.

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   Bookkeeping The Retired Guys, 2013 Edition

Ibrahim Kutluay - Runs a basketball academy in Turkey.

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