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Ronny Turiaf - PF/C, 6'10, 241
Retired - Retired after 2016 season
       Date of birth: 01/13/1983
       Country: France/Morocco
     Drafted (NBA): 37th pick, 2005
     Out of: Gonzaga
  NBA Experience: 10 years
  Hand: Right

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   The best of what's left

Kwame Brown - For all of the abject fail that has drizzled his career, Kwame Brown can truly defend the post. Anything offensive-related is highly questionable; Kwame can't catch, never could shoot, doesn't have good touch, has gotten worse in all facets of shot making, and has lost his athleticism. Yet he rebounds well enough (16.2% total rebounding percentage last season), and defends the post admirably. It comes at the expense of fouls, turnovers and no offensive ability whatsoever, but since this is the minimum salary we're talking about, it might be OK.

Ronny Turiaf's views on the issue are a little different.

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   Ten Of The Worst New Contracts This Offseason

Ronny Turiaf – Minnesota Timberwolves

You know it’s been a frugal summer league-wide when a player who signed for $1.5 million makes a bad contracts list.

It is not to say that Ronny Turiaf cannot equal $1.5 million’s worth of production next season. Surely, that can’t be that hard to do. Rather, it is more to do with the pointlessness of the deal.

As an eight year veteran, Turiaf’s minimum salary this season would have been $1,265,977. Seemingly, Turiaf’s only other significant suitors were the Clippers, who expressed interest in re-signing him, and could have done so with the non-Bird exception that will have paid him $1.52 million next year. Presumably, this is what the Timberwolves were bidding against.

However, in giving a 30 year old third stringer that deal, the Timberwolves have spent their Bi-Annual exception. Management of assets is crucial to team building, and the oft-overlooked Bi-Annual exception has been used over the last two years to sign Marco Belinelli (Chicago), C.J. Watson (Indiana) and Nate Robinson (Denver). These are rotation contributors on good quality playoff teams. Whilst Minnesota just burned theirs on a third string center who is a liability offensively, a poor rebounder, and who has declined for four consecutive seasons.

Turiaf at the minimum is worth it, but Turiaf at anything more than that isn’t. Furthermore, the second player option year, which Turiaf will surely exercise, is unnecessary. The contract is so small it can’t ever be much of a burden, but why need it be any burden at all?

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