"I'm telling you what it is: I know I'm the best point guard in the NBA. I don't need anybody else to tell me that." - Stephon Marbury, a while ago.

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Justin Davis - PF, 6'8, 230
Retired - Retired in 2007
       Date of birth: 04/22/1981
       Country: USA
     Drafted (NBA): Undrafted, 2004
     Out of: Stanford
  NBA Experience: 0 years
  Hand: Right

August 2004 Greece Signed a one year contract with Apollon Patras.
29th September, 2005 NBA Signed an unguaranteed one year minimum salary contract with Golden State.
27th October, 2005 NBA Waived by Golden State.
29th December, 2005 Italy Signed a one week tryout with Monferrato.
5th January, 2006 Italy Released by Monferrato.
27th February, 2006 Germany Signed for the remainder of the season with EnBW Ludwigsburg.
26th May, 2006 Germany Re-signed by EnBW Ludwigsburg to a one year contract.
When: Where:
1999 - 2004 Stanford (NCAA)
August 2004 - June 2005 Apollon Patras (Greece)
September 2005 - October 2005 Golden State Warriors (NBA)
December 2005 - January 2006 Monferrato (Italy, Lega Due)
February 2006 - June 2007 Ludwigsburg (Germany)
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   Where Are They Now, 2011: Bookkeeping The Retired Guys

Justin Davis and Ray Young - For training camp in 2005, the Golden State Warriors signed Justin Davis and Ray Young, both of whom had gone to high school with Baron Davis. (Young, a former McDonald's All-American, was also briefly a team mate of his at UCLA.) Young has not played since, and Davis managed only one more year before knee injuries ended his career. Still nothing can be found about Young's whereabouts, but Davis has reappeared on the scene, now employed as the project co-ordinator at the Mitchell Kapor Foundation in the Bay Area. As for what that entails, we'll leave that up to the press release. Or to Justin Davis himself:

Keep your eyes peeled for the Drew Gooden cameo.

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   Where Are They Now, 2010; Part 15

- Justin Davis

Last year, I wrote this about Justin Davis:

[F]ormer Golden State Warriors training camp invitee Justin Davis is out of basketball, and has been since a brief trial in Germany back in November 2006. Therefore, as was the case with Chris Crawford, I am hereby announcing that I can't be bothered to bring you Justin Davis news any more, since there isn't any. (Readers note: Bizarrely, when I said that about Crawford, someone e-mailed me and told me that, somewhat out of spite, they were going to single-handedly track him down and get an update from him on his life. If someone wants to do the same with Justin David [sic], then be my guest. You could form a merry band of freedom fighters, fighting for what's right in the world; peace, saving the rainforests, the downfall of terrorism and Chris Crawford updates. I could be your leader. You can be like my droogs or something. Except we won't be as annoying as the real droogs. Or as rape-inclined.)

Despite the offer oozing with generosity, no one took me up on it, so I've had to do it myself. However, I've failed once again. Justin Davis hasn't played since 2006, and any off-the-court stuff is proving to be hard to find given the common nature of his name. The best I can offer you is his Facebook account.

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   Bookkeeping The Retired Guys, 2013 Edition

Justin Davis - As with Dale Davis, here's a video that describes what Justin Davis does better than I ever could.

He's certainly a good orator.

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