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Joe Johnson - SG/SF/PF, 6'7, 240
Utah Jazz - Signed as a free agent in July 2016
       Date of birth: 06/29/1981
       Country: USA
     Drafted (NBA): 10th pick, 2001
     Out of: Arkansas
  NBA Experience: 16 years
  Hand: Right

2001 NBA Draft NBA Drafted 10th overall by Boston.
10th July, 2001 NBA Signed four year, $7,547,514 rookie scale contract with Boston. Included team option for 2004/05.
20th February, 2002 NBA Traded by Boston, along with Milt Palacio, Randy Brown and a 2002 first round pick (#22, Casey Jacobsen), to Phoenix in exchange for Rodney Rogers and Tony Delk.
24th October, 2003 NBA Phoenix exercised 2004/05 team option.
19th August, 2005 NBA Signed and traded by Phoenix with a five year, $67,441,891 contract to Atlanta in exchange for Boris Diaw, a 2006 first round pick (#21, Rajon Rondo) and a 2008 first round pick (#15, Robin Lopez).
8th July, 2010 NBA Re-signed by Atlanta to a six year, $123,658,089 contract.
11th July, 2012 NBA Traded by Atlanta to Brooklyn in exchange for Anthony Morrow, Jordan Farmar, Jordan Williams, a signed-and-traded DeShawn Stevenson, Johan Petro, a protected first round pick (#18, 2003, Shane Larkin), the right to swap 2014 first round picks (not exercised), the right to swap 2015 first round picks (exercised; Atlanta moved from #29 and Chris McCullough) to #15 and Kelly Oubre) and a 2017 second round pick (#31, Frank Jackson).
25th February, 2016 NBA Waived by Brooklyn.
27th February, 2016 NBA Signed a guaranteed minimum salary contract for the remainder of the season with Miami.
8th July, 2016 NBA Signed a two year, $21,505,000 contract with Utah.
When: Where:
1999 - 2001 Arkansas (NCAA)
June 2001 - February 2002 Boston Celtics (NBA)
February 2002 - July 2005 Phoenix Suns (NBA)
August 2005 - July 2012 Atlanta Hawks (NBA)
July 2012 - February 2016 Brooklyn Nets (NBA)
February 2016 - June 2016 Miami Heat (NBA)
July 2016 - present Utah Jazz (NBA)
From blog:

   Creative Financing in the NBA, 2010

In this current economic climate, NBA franchises are imploring to us that they're losing too much money and need to redraft the entire collective bargaining agreement, while also continuing to throw the gross national product of Micronesia at a whole host of players that don't deserve it. (Memphis are as guilty of this as anyone, with their wildly excessive max contract to Rudy Gay.) While complaining with one arse that their expenditure outweighs their income, owners are using their second arse to wildly overpay the underdeserving, greatly increasing that expenditure level while under pressure from nothing but their own aspirations. We're looking at an impending lockout a mere 11 months after learning that Johan Petro got an 8 figure contract. Joe Johnson got the fifth highest contract in the history of the sport. Rudy Gay got the max. Chewbacca lives on Endor. It does not make sense.

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   Sham's 2010 NBA Draft Night Recap, Part 1

Jon Barry talks of whether the Hawks can "reshine Joe Johnson." It's true, JJ did rather lose his shine in the playoffs. Barry then correctly points out that the Hawks played far too much isolation basketball, but he believes the cure for his is a post-up threat. For me, the cure is a new playbook. The Hawks didn't NEED to play so much one on one basketball; Mike Woodson just made them do it. Get rid of that, and their offense should improve by default. Less switches on defense should help too.

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   Chicago's Last Resort Offseason Plan That Still Manages To Avoid Signing Joe Johnson

[...] "Lacking only a superstar" would be a ridiculous statement were they not ideally set up to get one right now. In this precedent-free summer, an unbelievable number of superstars could or will be available via free agency, ranging from the best player in the world (LeBron James) to some of the game's very best big men (Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, Primoz Brezec, Carlos Boozer, even Yao Ming), all the way down to the superstar hometown boy (Dwyane Wade). There's also David Lee, one of the most maligned players in the NBA today, as well as Joe Johnson, who is guaranteed to be the next Jalen Rose for whoever signs him.

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   Chicago's Meticulously Crafted 2011 Offseason Plan That Relies An Awful Lot Upon Guesswork

[...] Ironically, Joe Johnson would be a somewhat perfect fit for Chicago right now. But unfortunately, Joe Johnson still has five years and $107,333,589 remaining on his maximum salary contract given to him by the Hawks, whom he just led to 44 wins and an ultimately rather purposeless second round exit. When the 29 year old fourth best player at his position gets the fifth biggest contract in the history of the sport, consider yourselves outbid.

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   2017 NBA Manifesto

Joe Johnson
SG/SF/PF, 6’7, 240lbs, 35 years old, 16 years of experience

Not able to get all the way to the rim any longer, Johnson’s game is either catch-and-shoot three-pointers, or mid-range jump shots and floats, both areas at which he is quite good in. The off-the-dribble or fall-away mid-ranger is not hugely inefficient; it is however hard to guard, and a reliable option in the half court. Johnson was a reliable piece of veteran savvy, and the career-low numbers are more representative of a reduced role born out of aging than anything else. Iso Joe can still get his, and in the playoffs too if needs be.

Player Plan: One year and $10,505,000 remaining. Let him play it out while grooming long term options for his spot.

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Utah Jazz

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