"I do things that are much more complicated than rebounds and defense." - Andrea Bargnani

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Anderson Varejao - PF/C, 6'11, 260
Free agent - Last played with Golden State (2017)
       Date of birth: 09/28/1982
       Country: Brazil
     Drafted (NBA): 30th pick, 2004
     Out of: Barcelona (Spain)
  NBA Experience: 13 years
  Hand: Right

18th January, 2002 Spain Signed for the remainder of the season and through 2004 with Barcelona.
2004 NBA Draft NBA Drafted 30th overall by Orlando.
23rd July, 2004 NBA Draft rights traded by Orlando, along with Steven Hunter and Drew Gooden (#30, 2004) to Cleveland in exchange for Tony Battie, a 2005 second round pick (#44, Martynas Andriuskevicius) and a 2007 second round pick (#54, Brad Newley).
18th August, 2004 NBA Signed a three year, $2,600,400 contract with Cleveland.
4th December, 2007 NBA Signed a $17,353,440 offer sheet for the remainder of the season and through 2010 with Charlotte. Included player option for 2009/10.
5th December, 2007 NBA Matched by Cleveland.
30th June, 2009 NBA Declined 2009/10 player option.
10th July, 2009 NBA Re-signed by Cleveland to a partially guaranteed six year, $48,204,545 contract.
31st October, 2014 NBA Signed a three year, $30 million extension with Cleveland.
18th February, 2016 NBA Traded by Cleveland, along with a 2018 first round pick, to Portland in exchange for a 2020 second round pick.
18th February, 2016 NBA Waived by Portland.
22nd February, 2016 NBA Signed a guaranteed minimum salary contract for the remainder of the season with Golden State.
16th July, 2016 NBA Re-signed by Philadelphia to a guaranteed one year minimum salary contract.
3rd February, 2017 NBA Waived by Golden State.
When: Where:
1998 - January 2002 Franca (Brazil)
January 2002 - June 2004 Barcelona (Spain)
July 2004 Orlando Magic (Summer League)
August 2004 - February 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA)
February 2016 Portland Trail Blazers (NBA)
February 2016 - February 2017 Golden State Warriors (NBA)
From blog:

   Anthony Tolliver earned $273,697 and counting for one day of work, and it's all thanks to Sasha Pavlovic

[...] Concurrent with these moves, Cleveland was embroiled in the long-since-forgotten-about holdouts of Anderson Varejao and Sasha Pavlovic. Both restricted free agents out of contract that summer, both unhappy with Cleveland's best offer, and yet both seemingly unable to get more on the market, the two held out of training camp, waiting for enormous deals that never came. From memory, Pavlovic wanted roughly six years and $40 million, while Varejao wanted $10 million per annum.

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   The Bulls should trade for Andrew Bynum

The idea of a one-club man is a romanticised ideal in sports, yet one increasingly impossible to achieve in this heightened free agency era. Even Paul Pierce eventually got traded. However, it does occasionally happen, and Luol Deng is one of the few true veterans in this league to have spent his whole career with one team. Indeed, the only players to have been with their current teams longer than Deng has been with Chicago are Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki, Nick Collison, the Miami duo of Udonis Haslem and Dwyane Wade, and the Spurs trio of Parker, Ginobili and Duncan, while Jameer Nelson and Anderson Varejao are the only other 2004 draftees to have never left the team that first signed them. This kind of longevity, then, is rare - usually, one party is sufficiently disgruntled with the other by now to have moved on.

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