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Kyrylo Fesenko - C, 7'1, 300
Signed in Italy - Signed with Avellino
       Date of birth: 12/24/1986
       Country: Ukraine
     Drafted (NBA): 38th pick, 2007
     Out of: Cherkassy Monkeys (Ukraine)
  NBA Experience: 5 years
  Hand: Right

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   The best of what's left after what was the best of what's left has gone and is no longer left

- Kyrylo Fesenko * - Nothing is finalised, but Fesenko is expected to return to Utah.

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   The best of what's left

Kyrylo Fesenko - It took a while, but Kyrylo Fesenko finally beat out Kosta Koufos for the Jazz backup centre spot. And now that Koufos has been traded, Fesenko should return and do the same once again. Maybe next year he'll crack the 1,000 minute mark.

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   Tax Payers, Trade Kickers, And Other Deadline Day Bookkeeping

Also contained within that post was a list of players who had the right to veto any trade. Full no-trade clauses are an incredibly rare occurence; it takes a very specific set of criteria to become eligible for one of those, and for that reason, only two players (Kobe and Dirk Nowitzki) have them. However, players who are signed to one year contracts and who will have either Early or Full Bird Rights when they expire also have the right to veto any trade they are involved in. It's what's colloquially known as the Devean George Rule.


Additions to that list that came after it was published included Kyrylo Fesenko, Cartier Martin and Patty Mills; additionally, an omission from the previous list was Ray Allen.

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   The NBA’s best unsigned free agents

Kyrylo Fesenko — Fesenko has drawn interest from a number of teams, and even a couple of premature “agreed to sign with” news stories. Nonetheless, he remains unsigned.

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   These unsigned big men are ready to help (or hurt) your team

Kyrylo Fesenko - After spending last season in the Ukraine, Fesenko signed last month with Polish team Slask Wroclaw, announcing his exciting arrival in an understated way with what might be some cake on his face. He was released a week later, however, due to an injury that the team feel he did not disclose to them. If healthy, Fesenko had shown enough signs (and size) to draw some more interest, but he turns 27 next month and has yet to be a reliable NBA player. So the window is fast closing.

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Signed in Italy


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