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Carl Landry - PF, 6'9, 248
Free agent - Last played with Philadelphia (2016)
       Date of birth: 09/19/1983
       Country: USA
     Drafted (NBA): 31st pick, 2007
     Out of: Purdue
  NBA Experience: 9 years
  Hand: Right

2007 NBA Draft NBA Drafted 31st overall by Seattle.
2007 NBA Draft NBA Draft rights traded by Seattle to Houston in exchange for a 2008 second round pick (#56, Sasha Kaun) and cash.
25th September, 2007 CBA Drafted 51st overall in the 2007 CBA Draft by Oklahoma Cavalry.
2nd October, 2007 NBA Signed an unguaranteed one year minimum salary contract with Houston.
24th September, 2008 NBA Signed a three year, $9 million offer sheet with Charlotte. Included team option for 2010/11.
25th September, 2008 NBA Houston matched Charlotte's offer sheet.
18th February, 2010 NBA As a part of a three team deal, traded by Houston to Sacramento, along with Joey Dorsey, and along with Tracy McGrady to New York, in exchange for Kevin Martin and Hilton Armstrong from Sacramento, as well as Jordan Hill, Jared Jeffries, a protected first round pick (#16, 2012, Royce White) and the right to swap 2011 first round picks (not exercised) from New York.
14th April, 2010 NBA Sacramento exercised 2010/11 team option.
23rd February, 2011 NBA Traded by Sacramento to New Orleans in exchange for Marcus Thornton and cash.
16th December, 2011 NBA Re-signed by New Orleans to a one year, $8.5 million contract.
1st August, 2012 NBA Signed a two year, $8 million contract with Golden State. Included player option for 2013/14.
30th June, 2013 NBA Declined 2013/14 player option.
15th July, 2013 NBA Signed a four year, $26 million contract with Sacramento.
9th July, 2015 NBA Traded by Sacramento, along with Jason Thompson, Nik Stauskas, the right to swap 2016 first round picks (not exercised), the right to swap 2017 first round picks (exercised; Philadelphia moved from #5 and De'Aaron Fox to #3 and Jayson Tatum) and a future protected first round pick to Philadelphia in exchange for the draft rights to Arturas Gudaitis (#47, 2015) and the draft rights to Luka Mitrovic (#60, 2015).
8th December, 2015 D-League Assigned by Philadelphia to Delaware 87ers of the D-League.
23rd December, 2015 D-League Recalled by Philadelphia from Delaware 87ers of the D-League.
31st August, 2016 NBA Waived by Philadelphia.
When: Where:
2002 - 2004 Vincennes (Junior College)
2004 - 2007 Purdue (NCAA)
June 2007 - February 2010 Houston Rockets (NBA)
February 2010 - February 2011 Sacramento Kings (NBA)
February 2011 - June 2012 New Orleans Hornets (NBA)
August 2012 - June 2013 Golden State Warriors (NBA)
July 2013 - July 2015 Sacramento Kings (NBA)
July 2015 - August 2016 Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)
From blog:

   .....Third Prize Is You're Fired

[Marcus] Landry joins the team that just traded for his greatly superior brother, Carl. While Carl is a high quality NBA player, long underrated and unfortunately soon to become overrated, Marcus finds himself on the fringes. [...]

[read full post]

   Sham's 2010 NBA Draft Night Recap, Part 1

Carl Landry gets a shoutout from Barry, who calls him "underrated". Carl Landry is awesome, so no cynicism here. However, he has about 18 months before he goes from being underrated to overrated. It's an unfortunate necessity that this happens to all genuinely underrated players. You can only say it so much, and for Carl Landry, it is said entirely too often.

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   The Finances Of The Trade Deadline Deals

Sacramento's end of the deal is Carl Landry. Presumably given the option of dumping a bad salary or obtaining a quality player, they chose the quality player, as well they should have done. Landry is roughly Martin's equal and at a position of greater need; the fillers in the deal are relevant only for their expirings.

Landry is under contract for only $3 million next season, a veritable steal for a man of such great production. (It still makes no sense that the only offer sheet he could get was for three years and $9 million. We should have campaigned hard for more.) At the end of that, Landry will be an unrestricted free agent, but if they decline his team option this summer, he can be a restricted free agent will full Bird rights. It seems unlikely that Sacramento goes that route, considering that

a) they may lose him anyway,
b) teams spend their whole lives trying to underpay people, and they shouldn't throw it away once they finally get it, and
c) the new CBA kicks in in 2011, which will inevitably favour the teams.

Nonetheless, declining his option and locking him up for a few years with the benefit of a qualifying offer on their side remains a possibility until it isn't. If they don't take the risk, they'll have to pay up in 18 months time, or else lose him. And while I like Jason Thompson, Carl Landry is better.

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   With Rudy Gay trade, Kings acquire something they already had

On the most basic level, the Sacramento Kings needed more talent. They now have that. Even after years of mismanagement and the frivolous burning of assets, Sacramento now has, you would think, a core five. Isaiah Thomas, one of the draft steals of the decade and a man who thoroughly outplayed Vasquez thus far this season, is the point guard. Preconceptions that small score-first guards must come of the bench should be disposed of, because Thomas is a legitimate starter. Rookie Ben McLemore has had a slow first month, but has plenty of time on his side to be the two guard of the future while Gay slots in at small forward. Derrick Williams is thriving since his trade from Minnesota, now that he is finally functioning as a full time power forward. DeMarcus Cousins is tied into a maximum contract extension, the certified core piece going forward. Marcus Thornton, Jason Thompson and Carl Landry compliment this lineup from the bench with quality role player production, creating a front eight of players that any team could use.

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   The NBA's middle class: where fringe stars now hang out

[...] In comparison, 36 such players have signed within those parameters in 2013. And in contrast to 2008, those names are often established quality role players who aren't quite stars and who rightly aren't being paid like it. At the top end, players like Monta Ellis, Jose Calderon, Brandon Jennings, Jarrett Jack, Jeff Teague and Carl Landry are all getting acceptable prices, perhaps $2 million annually less than they would have done five years ago. At the bottom end, established role players like Marreese Speights, Tony Allen and Chris Kaman are getting paid adequately for their useful role player production. And unlike in 2008, those deals like Kaman's are not too long. See also Greg Stiemsma, Tyler Hansbrough, Mike Dunleavy Jr, Dorell Wright and Randy Foye, none more than three years in length, some as short as one.

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   Why teams should pursue Jason Thompson

[...] However, they might not. And there is logic to support it. As capable of a role player as Thompson is, it is seen above that he is not the perfect fit for Sacramento that he could be for another team. The Kings require an athletic rim-protecting mid-range shooting power forward to compliment the grounded interior play of Cousins - ideally, they require the next Serge Ibaka (or indeed the actual Serge Ibaka). Thompson is not this. Carl Landry is not entirely this player, either, yet he brings the range and athleticism that Thompson does not, making him a better fit. And while Landry is yet to play this season due to injury, he will return one day - until that time, Derrick Williams could use the minutes to audition and develop, while Quincy Acy is a decent role player himself, bringing athleticism, toughness and efficiency from the deeper parts of the bench. Thompson, then, is a very good candidate to be moved

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