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Mirza Teletovic - PF, 6'9, 242
Milwaukee Bucks - Signed as a free agent in July 2016
       Date of birth: 09/17/1985
       Country: Bosnia
     Drafted (NBA): Undrafted, 2007
     Out of: Tau Ceramica (Spain)
  NBA Experience: 4 years
  Hand: Right

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   An Unnecessarily Exhaustive Guide To The Euroleague Final Eight

Ahead of them all are the starting bigs combination of Stanko Barac and Mirza Teletovic. Former Pacers draft pick Barac has been entrusted with a bigger role, and charged with the task of replacing Splitter, a task to which he has responded fairly well. Barac is no Splitter, but he's nonetheless a good player in his own right; he can shoot from mid-range, has added occasional three point range, runs the pick-and-roll (which is mandatory in a Caja Laboral big man), rebounds, and is a defensive presence, if only through size alone. He can also take his man off the dribble, although it helps greatly if his man is slower than him, which is not often the case. Alongside him, Mirza Teletovic plays the stretch four, the athletic big forward who can shoot up to 25 feet away and perform tidy chase-down blocks, like a past-his-prime-but-not-yet-dead Eddie Griffin. Despite the occasionally impressive defensive play, Teletovic is not much of a defensive presence; he probably could be, but he simply doesn't try as hard on that end as he does on offense, something also reflected in his poor rebounding numbers. Nevertheless, when he's engaged, he's a versatile offensive player, who can drive, post and shoot the ball from outside. (If he's not engaged, he'll just take jumpers.)

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   Where Are They Now, 2010; Part 65

- Mirza Teletovic

Teletovic is with Caja Laboral, just as he has been since 2006. His role has increased year on year, and this year he's one of the team's best players, keeping Walter Herrmann firmly nailed to the bench. Teletovic was a big part of Caja Laboral's Euroleague quarter finals run, averaging 14.8 points and 4.5 rebounds per game in the competition, eighth highest of anyone. He also averages 14.2 points and 4.0 rebounds per game in the ACB. 60% of Teletovic's field goal attempts are three pointers, and he's shooting 40% from there in the ACB alongside 44% in the Euroleague.

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   How the non-stars have helped revive the Knicks and Nets

[...] Teletovic in particular has been a bright spot for the season. The one time 20ppg Euroleague scorer has finally been given the opportunity to score at the NBA level, and he has averaged 8.4 points in only 18.9 minutes per game on the season. Teletovic's diverse offensive game is coming to the fore - noted for his range despite his size, he is shooting 42% from three point range on a high volume of attempts, and taking opposing defenders off the dribble. Without having many plays called for him, Teletovic is spotting up and moving without the ball in a way so few others on the team do, providing a significant boost to a team who, despite allegedly being so stacked, has had great trouble creating efficient offense. He is hitting clutch shots on the way, and even defending and rebounding better than ever before.

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